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Unlimited access to information, the ability to contact people from all over the world, wonderful games and applications – these are great features of a modern phone, but also dangerously addictive for a child. In this article, we will help you choose a parental control application, thanks to which your child will be able to enjoy the benefits of the internet, and you will not have to worry about spending too much time there or being exposed to inappropriate content.

Nothing can replace education, conversation and personal supervision of a child to whom we give a smartphone or tablet. However, there are applications that will help us protect children from the dangers of the internet. Programs such as the FamilyTime recommended by us, allow you to limit the functionality of the phone according to our wishes, or to see what our child does without undue interference with his privacy. Others will allow you to locate the child or inform you when they need help. Worried your child will spend too much time with his nose stuck to the tiny phone screen? Or that he will see something on the internet that he is too young for or make contact with the wrong person? Check out our proposed parental control apps.

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How we supervise will depend on ourselves and the application possibilities. We can block access to selected websites. We can block the installation of games and applications. We can control how much time the child spends on the phone. We can also check if it has run into trouble by browsing the reports from the selected program. Let’s take a look at the best parental control apps for Android and discuss each of them to see what they can do. And, for the record, similar tools are also available for the Windows PC.

  • Kids Place

Kids Place is a good option for small kids because it replaces the launcher (home screen) of our phone. For clarification: the launcher is an application that is responsible for displaying desktops and the list of applications on our phone. Android is a flexible, enough system that allows you to replace them. Kids Place adapts the entire functionality of the phone to the needs of our child in one fell swoop. And of course, our needs especially since we have many functions at our disposal.

Kids Place allows you to block access to applications other than those that we deem appropriate for our child. The application also allows you to block the possibility of downloading new games and programs. It can also turn off the functions of outgoing calls and SMS if we are afraid that our child will expose us to high bills. The application does not require an account with its producer, and the basic version is free. Unfortunately, until we pay, it will show ads from time to time. Fortunately, they do not appear often and are of a small size.

  • Kids Zone Parental Control

If you are looking for a parental control application that configures your phone for kids, Kids Zone is your option. The app is easy to use for a parent. All you need to do is install it, create a child’s profile, add applications to it that they will be able to use, choose a wallpaper, add a PIN to change settings and it’s ready. This application has relatively few configuration settings. However, it works very well in automatic mode, saving our time and at the same time taking care of our children. And how by watching?

Kids Zone Parental Control also allows you to introduce the most common locks. This means that we can block outgoing calls and SMS. We can also block access to the phone’s system settings. The application also proposes safe games and programs for the child and discourages those that are certainly dangerous for the child. It also allows, if necessary, to completely disable access to the internet. Useful if our child’s data package is relatively small.

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  •  FamilyTime Parental Control

The last of our proposals is an attempt to combine the features of all of the above proposals into a golden mean. This means that the FamilyTime Parental Control app offers as much as possible while being as easy to use as possible. It allows you to define the availability of games and applications, limits the time spent in front of the device and tracks some of our children’s activities. We can check where they are, what numbers they are calling and protect them while surfing the internet. 

In addition to the obvious function of blocking access to games and applications after spending too long with them, we can define various dependencies in the application. For example, separate availability of games and programs in the evening, separate during school or during the day. We can also remotely block access to the indicated content via the Internet tool, without the need to interact with the tablet or phone of our child. FamilyTime Parental Control also makes interesting use of the function of tracking the location of our child. She can send automatic requests “pick me up from here” or “I’m in trouble, I need help” at any time, thanks to which the application instantly sends us the necessary information, including the location of the child and the time when we should pick them up.

The application itself is not enough

Using a parental control app is a very good idea. However, let’s not forget that no application can replace parental wisdom. Let’s talk to the children about what they are doing online. We teach them appropriate behaviour, explain what they should not do and why it is inappropriate. Let us consider these programs as complementary to our teachings, not as replacements. If the child himself understands that not everything is suitable for him, then, in fact, parental control applications will be just a formality, sometimes even unnecessary.