The Best Weekend Trips Made for Your Luxury RV

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:


Weekend trips are always a must! And with your luxury RV you will be able to truly make the most of these short but sweet adventures. 

The best part about making your weekend trip an RV trip is the fact that the holiday actually starts as soon as you hit the road! You don’t have to waste any time traveling to the airport, renting a car, checking into hotels or trying to find a place to eat.

Instead, your trip is set the instant you turn on the ignition! You can save valuable minutes of your weekend trip with all the above already sorted. Your transportation also acts as your accommodation, transportation and in-house dining! This means that you can instead focus on enjoying the adventure.

But where to go? Well, we want to help you have the best weekend trip possible! So we’ve thrown together a few of the best ways to spend them in your luxury RV. 

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  1. Visit a National Park

Chances are, you likely live within driving distance of one of the many National Parks in America. If you’re on the West Coast, choose from places like Yosemite, Zion, or the Grand Canyon. In the Midwest, there is Glacier National Park and Yellowstone. But there are also hundreds of state parks and regional parks that are RV friendly too! So pull out a map and see what is within a few hours driving distances of you. Then hit the road and you’ll have an amazing weekend getting connected with some of the most beautiful nature in the country. 

  1. Stay at the Beach

If you live on the West Coast, East Coast or along the Gulf, then chances are it will only be a few hours before you reach a beach. Spend the weekend parked up along the coastline, where you watch the waves crash all day, feel rejuvenated from the salty sea breeze and see some stunning sunrises and sunsets at Forest Beach Hilton Head properties. The best part about going to the beach in your luxury RV is that you can get closer to the water than most hotels can! A weekend at the beach is always a weekend well spent.

  1. Get Near a Lake

For those that aren’t near an ocean and live more inland, head to a nearby lake for the weekend! Nearly every state has one and you will still get the tranquillity that the ocean provides, minus all the sand everywhere! Plus, many lakes are near mountains or forests, meaning you can have a weekend combining water and land activities with the home comforts provided by your luxury RV. 

  1. Have a Historical Weekend

America is full of historical monuments, so why not spend the weekend learning about the past with a trip down memory lane? Every state has historical sites that are easily accessible by RV—from old Civil War battlegrounds to museums and historic towns and cities, you will have a great time soaking in new knowledge and experiences. With many of these places hard to reach, you don’t have to worry about trying to find accommodation nearby—instead, you will be able to set up your weekend home nearby all the historical sites you want to visit. 

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  1. Go to the Desert

The desert is full of amazing things that most people never get to experience because they simply do not have any accommodation nearby. However, with your luxury RV you will be able to head out to the desert over the weekend and sleep under the stary skies with absolutely nobody else around! And you will have a truly special time experiencing the desert and all it has to offer—something that many people don’t get to make the most of without an RV!

  1. Live Large at a Music Festival

Many music festivals happen over the weekend. And there is no better way to make the most of it than by bringing your luxury RV with you as well. These festivals take place in remote areas that often have little to no accommodation or restaurants nearby—meaning that you can not only enjoy the dancing and tunes all weekend long but do so in comfort and style as well!

  1. Be by the Mountains

There is no such thing as a bad weekend spent by the mountains! No matter how small or big the mountain may be. You can pull up alongside it with your RV in style and disconnect from the outside world while you connect with your surroundings.

With so many epic places to visit over the weekend with your RV, you can have a different adventure every single week! Where will you go first?