The Bizarre Bitcoin Journey

Rohan Mathew

All our life, we faced this one question, “How to roll money?” Rolling money is one hand and on the other hand is the curiosity as to how to do the same. We all want our savings to grow. Slowly but steadily.

In a world where property and gold values alter every moment, all of us wanted something safe. It should be safe and promising. This need is where Bitcoin comes in practicality. Ever since its arrival, Bitcoin has been the most prevalent form of currency in the market. 

It was supposed to be a bare alternative to the electronic payment system, is now a household name in modern economics. From the early stages of its inception, Bitcoins made efficient use of software code to compile an electronic currency and authenticate and safeguard transactions via the web. The cryptocurrency aimed to remain unidentified from the reserved banks or any other government institution. 

Press B for Bitcoin Business

Start-ups began to pave the way for Bitcoins, their authentication, and their validity. The legitimacy of Bitcoins got approved in Silicon Valley by Information Technologies. They laid out the foundation of a new trading environment; an environment that went about to garb the world in an economic storm! For more information you can click here

By 2013, the sky was the limit for the Bitcoin market. In April that year, Bitcoin was already a billion-dollar business. The global acceptance of the cryptocurrency system in the market made Bitcoins a sensation throughout the world. The market was thrilled by the concept of a free-flowing currency; a form that was free from any government directive. 

Did you know that Vancouver, British Canada had the first Bitcoin ATM in the winter of 2013? The ATM used a hand scanner and a bar code scanner to verify the user’s details. The ATM enabled users to transfer funds from a virtual wallet to their mobile phones. However, a limit was set at $1000 per day. 

Bitcoins are slowly and steadily growing as an integral part of our market. Yes, with all the risks involved in investment, there are risks involved. No one would want their hard-earned money in the hands of uncertainty. Still, you need not worry about the risk; there are rewards greater than that as well. 

Primarily, the reasons for investing in it and move forward through the Bitcoin journey are: 

  • Global adaptation of Bitcoin-

Over the years, Bitcoin has survived as a credible cryptocurrency and has been consistently successful in the market. Bitcoin gets favoured throughout the world and thus gets regarded as a safe choice for investment. Safe to say, you can trust an entity when millions do the same. 

  • Safety measurements

The rocketing rise of Bitcoins gave rise to numerous scams, frauds, and duplicity in the market. Hence, well-planned management and reduce possible losses, keeping Bitcoins well out of harm’s way of any mishap. This safety in transactions is the reason why Bitcoin prices are secure. It is worth your risk if you see a clean plan with minimal danger towards your money.

  • Enhanced networking- 

The developers’ community leaves no task incomplete to make sure Bitcoin has an efficient and disciplined network. The constantly changing nature of Bitcoins gets facilitated by Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The software engineers work persistently and make all your transactions and investments turn out more profitable than others. 

  • Alternate to paper currency-

Paper currency in the form of currency that the government issues in each country. It varies from border to border. Bitcoins get globally accepted, as the medium of safe and convenient means of transaction. Throughout the globe, it has a constant value, making business smoother and more efficient. Therefore, wherever you are, it has the same value for everyone. 

  • Ideal for online digital platforms- 

Bitcoins offer a viable means of payment and transaction for the online world through their incredible network. Like the ever-changing society, Bitcoins are the recent development. Instead of Bank redirections or Payment gateway methods, Bitcoins offer a more private alternative. You can pay the merchant or the retailer without giving any personal information or bank statements.