The Guide to buying CBD oil and CBD Products

Rohan Mathew


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CBD oil has become widely popular around the globe in recent years and rightly so, many high street stores today stock up on CBD products because of their healing properties. CBD stands for cannabis oil and is over one of the 110 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids which is found in the hemp/cannabis plant. These chemicals act on cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body as part of the endocannabinoid system, which aids in balancing a whole host of bodily functions like pain, memory and mood. Although our body naturally produces endocannabinoids which are also self-regulating, some of us might feel the need of a boost – this is where CBD supplements come in.

Several clinical trials have proven CBD as an effective treatment for epilepsy, and ease symptoms of other medical conditions such as anxiety and depression, it also has anti- inflammatory properties that can soothe burns and help our body heal. Recent studies have also suggested that it can help alleviate pain and aid in neurological conditions like Alzheirmer’s and Parkinson’s.

CBD products are usually classified as food supplements and therefore cannot be categorized under medication. This led to the boom of CBD products being available to all under easier circumstances and is now marketed as a wellness supplement. With this comes the high price of error if not bought under supervision or with an informed and educative decision. It is important to speak to a doctor before taking CBD to ensure it doesn’t interact with any medication, as well as dosage recommendations.

What is the best strength and dosage required?

As humans we are not ‘one size fits all’ and we are all so different. It is always recommended that when buying CBD oil or products, it is done so keeping in mind that you want to go for a low strength with low dosage. The whole point of doing this is to assess your usage and see what it does for you, before gradually increasing dosage to find the optimal amount.

There is absolutely no point burning your pockets by buying an expensive oil and burning through it to realize that it isn’t doing much for you. This goes for the opposite – there is no point buying the cheapest oil to find out that it has an adverse reaction. Check here to buy CBD oil for the best output.

Brands usually inform consumers of the amount of dosage on their packaging in milligrams. Always buy products that mention dosage in the form of mg or percentage. If a CBD product doesn’t do that it has probably not been officially made.

CBD isolate or CBD broad or full spectrum?

To add to the confusion, the strength and dosage isn’t the only factor to consider. It is important to determine if the CBD oil is concentrated or it contains other cannabinoids.

CBD isolate is the purest form of naturally occurring CBD and full spectrum oils contain a range of other cannabinoids. When cannabinoids work alongside other CBD, it increases the effect in the body’s endocannabinoid system. However the jury’s still out on this as further studies have been done both approving and disapproving this.

Someone who needs to feel the desired effects of CBD may opt to take CBD isolate which contains no trace of THC, whereas broad/full spectrum usually contain minute traces of THC.

Do I need to take CBD oils and when should I take CBD?

CBD products are usually used in a case of trail and error. While some people find CBD oil relaxing others may find it stimulating. If your doctor has suggested taking CBD to help with any ailments then there is no harm in dabbing into this market, however it is not recommended if you have medical conditions to use CBD products without consultation.

If you’re in the market to use CBD it is always good to assess your lifestyle as some people generally produce more endocannabinoid than others. There is evidence to support that using CBD as part of a fitness routine can help in muscle recovery because of its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD oil has proven to relieve pain. For some, CBD oil can assist in getting a better sleep.

How do I know which brands to trust?

While taking CBD products is not unalike to taking other wellness supplements. Your need to make an informed decision as to the brand you buy your products from. The challenge with CBD is that most brands are quite new and are shooting up the market at a quick pace.

There is also a serious lack of regulation regarding CBD oil worldwide and with so many new products popping up, it’s hard to know who to trust. There’s a real chance the product you’re buying isn’t what it claims to be. Adding to this, many wellness brands aim to advertise falsely to get their products rolling off the shelves.

A trustworthy brand should be able to provide a third party lab results which assess the amount of CBD components. It is also noteworthy to know that because CBD products are not regulated the process of collecting CBD differs with each brand. While it may seem attractive to go for the cheapest CBD oil you can find, Winston Peki, chief editor of, warns that without doing your due diligence you risk buying products that contain no CBD at all, or even worse: are contaminated with heavy metals and/or pesticides.

People should always exercise caution when using CBD, and should never use it in place of their usual medication unless a doctor or healthcare professional has recommended otherwise. When shopping for CBD oil or CBD products always choose a product with COA, which outlines the compounds the product contains.