Fresh and Tasty Plant-Based Salads to Try This Year

Rohan Mathew

People always associate the New Year, a new week, or a new month with new beginnings. If you’re also one of them, and like most people, your goal is to get into the rather challenging habit of eating healthy, you are in the right place. When one thinks about wanting to eat healthily, the one picture that comes to mind is salad bowls and lots of greens. Healthy eating is often correlated with green salads. They don’t realise that your salad bowls don’t have to be all green and leafy. You can get creative with food and put together various foods to make a nice, colourful, delicious salad. This article will give your ideas on which salads are a must-try this year. 

Vegan Salads

Most people might think, how hard is it to put together a salad? The real challenge is not putting a salad together but putting a vegan salad together, which is appealing to the taste buds and the eyes. Imagine a salad without chicken, fish, meat, mayo, or eggs you’d want to eat.  Following are some ideas to make your vegan experience even better, all while staying healthy:

  • Balinese Gado Gado Salad

This salad is an erupting volcano of flavors, a perfect blend of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors. It features a variety of crunchy vegetables tossed in Gado Gado sauce inspired by a traditional Balinese dish. You’re missing out if you haven’t ordered this yet.

  • Cauliflower Couscous and Zahtar Salad

Consisting of refreshing ingredients like green lentils, cauliflower, sweet potato, and baby spinach, this nutritious couscous is served with the famous za’atar seasoning blend made up of spices and herbs like sumac and sesame. You’re guaranteed to give your taste buds an adventure with this one. 

  • Roasted corn and “bacon” salad

This one has all your favorite ingredients, from roasted corn, red cabbage, lettuce, and white wine to hemp seeds, red onions, celery, and bacon. Of course, this is vegan bacon, but we don’t want you to miss the bacon experience. Bacon has been creatively substituted with marinated tofu strips to respect your vegan lifestyle. 

  • Persephone’s Salad

This dish’s star is pomegranate seeds; hence, the creative name “Persephone” comes from a Greek goddess symbol. It is a vibrant mix of crisp celery, toasted sunflower seeds, sweet pickled onion, chickpeas, red radish, and garbanzo beans. 

  • Beet Pastrami Salad

This salad has roasted beets served on a bed of green to give you all that iron and seasoned in the very popular peppery pastrami spice blend, which provides you with a burst of intense flavors. It is covered in golden sauerkraut sauce, and to add a crunch element, it is topped with seeds. Thousand Island dressing is also added to make you feel more at home. You can add golden beets, black lentils, baby kale and spinach, sunflower oil, red onions, and carrots. A dash of sunflower, flax, and sesame seeds is never a bad idea. 

  • Elote corn and bean salad

The joy always lies in the simplest of things. This salad, inspired by Mexican street food, is nothing fancy. Just pair roasted sweet corn with crunchy peppers, radish, juicy tomatoes, and some freshly picked lettuce. Top it with a creamy jalapeno ranch dressing, and you’re good to go. 


Who said you need to be bored and miserable when trying to eat healthily or when you’re on a salad diet? There are a variety of salads you have got cover with amazing salad delivery options, which will keep your health and veganism in check in addition to helping you become more time-efficient.