The Homeowner’s Guide to Zombie Insurance

Rohan Mathew


Zombie insurance is relatively new in the market, and its purpose is to protect you or your family against losses and damages due to zombie attacks. It has gained popularity due to movies such as the walking dead. Although it covers multiple or single bites on the skins and treatment costs incurred due to the bites, you can go for a higher coverage that includes coverage against contagious infections that require quarantine. Are you planning on getting zombie insurance? Make plans for the worst scenarios by getting zombie insurance coverage from affordable auto insurance at San Angelo Insurance; it will come in handy in case of an attack. 

History of Zombie Insurance

According to archeologists, there is evidence that zombies exist. They found skeletons under rocks meant to keep the dead in their graves in Ancient Greece. Most people may dismiss this but zombie attacks happen. Modern zombie attacks come in the form of tragic happenings such as fire caused by electric power problems. 

Zombies Open Perils Policy

Homeowners can get different types of insurance policies. The policy you choose to use determines the number of situations or events covered. It should cover your dwellings along with other perils. Some of the things covered by the open peril policy include occurrences such as earthquakes, drain and sewer backups, neglect, power failure, nuclear hazard, war, government action, theft during home construction, vandalism when a home is empty for about one month or longer, corrosion and rust, agricultural smog or smoke, pollutants, domestic animals, rot, fungus and mold and insects, rodents, birds, and vermin

This type of insurance cover includes damages caused by zombies unless it’s specifically excluded.  It means that insurance will cover clean-ups and any repairs related to a zombie attack. What you have to do is check and understand the policy language. Some companies give you special provisions and exclusions that let you know if you are covered for zombies or not. If you cannot understand the fine print, ask for help. 

Zombie Insurance Coverage for Personal Properties

This zombie insurance covers various belongings. However, you have to check with your provider and note things that are listed. Some coverage policies  include lighting and thunderstorms, inferno, civil commotions, windstorms, vehicles, aircraft, theft, vandalism, smoke, falling objects, freezing, sleet, snow, and ice weight, accidental steam and water overflow, and damage from artificial electrical current

Even though zombies are not on the list, any damage they may cause is covered. zombie- related damages are similar to the above. For example, a fire may start because they interfered with the power connection, which means you will compensate for damages to clothes, cabinets, and appliances. However, you can include different perils to protect your belongings though it will cost you more. 

How to Prepare for Zombies

After getting a zombie apocalypse insurance cover, it is still worth preparing in case of a zombie attack. Most insurance companies recommend coming up with an emergency kit which should include a few basic thighs like enough water for everyone, at least a gallon for each person. The kit should also have non-perishable foods such as canned vegetables and canned foods and prescriptions such as painkillers and bandages. Try to have a wide variety of medications to cover various needs. Have tools and different supplies that you may need in case of a zombie attack. These include a flashlight, duct tape, utility knife, and a hand-crank radio. Pack various hygiene and sanitation supplies such as toothbrushes, towels, soap, and a bleaching agent. 

Pack bedding and clothing for your family members. This is to ensure that everyone has enough clothes to change and blankets to keep them warm. It would help if you carried all necessary documents in the emergency kit including a driver’s license, birth certificates, passports, social security card, and proof of insurance covers. If you are carrying your pets, you should include their vaccination records and drugs if any. All documents should be kept in a fireproof bag for safety. Have a first aid kit. Though you cannot use the medications to treat zombies’ bites, they will help you with any injuries when running away from zombies. It would also help if you kept your car tank full because you may want to drive away from the scene if you can get a chance. 

Zombies may appear like a far-fetched dream. But after the corona pandemic, you cannot rule out that a zombie attack can happen. So, it is best to be prepared for any zombie apocalypse by getting a comprehensive zombie insurance cover.