Bali vs. Maeng Da: The Ultimate Kratom Showdown

Rohan Mathew

Fancy a cup of tea? When it comes to kratom the final round boils down to Bali kratom vs Maeng da kratom. Both enjoyed by many due to their potency, the differences come down to the details.

Their popularity throughout the ages has made these two strains the oldest around. So, let’s find out what makes these two strains so popular.

The Bali Kratom Experience

Knows as Bali kratom, this strain doesn’t actually grow in Bali. Cultivated in Borneo, the strain gets its name from the port from which has been shipped.

Working double time as both a possible sedative or a stimulant makes this an interesting strain for users to have a unique experience on the spectrum each use. This strain is characterized by its smoothness and alkaloids. 

Being so popular comes with perks. This strain was one of the first commercially available making it easier to access.

Bali kratom has a high volume of alkaloids making it quite potent. Here for a good time, not a long one; the effects usually last four hours. Peak hours being two hours long. 

The Socialable Maeng Da

Grown in Thailand, and calling the jungle and the forest home. Maeng is sustainably and widely used. Even being grown in home gardens in Thailand. 

Maeng Da in Thai translates to “Pimp Kratom.” This translation explains two things: one being that calling it Maeng Da kratom is rhetorical, and two that the strain makes the user rather sociable and excitable.

Bred to be highly stimulating; this hybrid strain does not leave a user disappointed. Created by grafting two different strains this is a plant that requires much attention from growers. This strain is highly potent due to the high alkaloid concentration and how they interact with our bodies. 

Maeng Da itself has various sub-strains letting users know that there is never too much of a good thing, but its use can be tailored to the right situation or experience.

Bali Kratom vs Maeng Da

When it comes to effects it is important to know the differences when it comes to Bali kratom vs Maeng Da.

Bali Kratom, though a stimulant, brings the user to a more euphoric and relaxed state. Maeng Da on the other hand is much stronger, being both a mood and an energy elevator.

When it comes to the duration of the experience, Maeng Da’s effects last almost twice as much as those of Bali Kratom. Maeng Da’s effects begin about 30 minutes after consumption and last about 8 hours. Bali kratom’s effects begin 15 minutes after consumption and last for about 4 hours.

These are two strains, there are plenty more if you are still not finding what you are looking for. We suggest checking out The Kratom Connection.

So the Tea Is Spilled

When it comes down to Bali kratom vs Maeng Da, it’s important to remember that both are extremely popular with users. Both promise a good experience at the end. The differences come down to how the user would like to reach the end.

Maeng Da is stronger and produces a more energy and mood enhanced experience. Bali kratom is a more relaxed approach with changes in mood being nice and slow.

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