The inclusive Guide to Spectrum Gold package

Rohan Mathew

 Offering over 200 channels for one low price, Spectrum Gold package provide you with everything you need for home entertainment, including TV, movies and sports. Premium technology delivers the best picture quality in your home with continuous viewing and streaming. Most outstanding of all, your preferred channels and recordings can be accessed from any device, anywhere.

Spectrum offers three gold package to meet the needs of each customer. If you only need a TV or internet and telephone, there is a gold package for you. In addition, it is possible to add channels or premium add-ons to any of the Spectrum Gold packages.

Types of Spectrum Gold packages

  • Spectrum Gold HD Box

Spectrum Gold package would not include all of these HD channels if it were not for their stunning picture quality. This is why the Spectrum Gold comes with at least one HD box. The HD set-top box makes the most of the beautiful colors, sharp contrast and vivid detail that each HD channel offers. You can see mustaches on HD nature channels, blades of grass on HD sports channels, and piercing eyes on HD movie channels.

  • Spectrum Gold DVR

Digital Video Recorder Spectrum Gold allows you to watch and record your favorite shows and movies at the same time. Save hours of entertainment to watch or revisit later. Need even more storage space? No problem, for just a few dollars a month you can add enough storage space to satisfy your most ardent entertainment fan. You can also get as many DVR boxes as you like for any room in your home, for less than $ 10 a month per box.

  • Apple TV with Spectrum Gold

If you opt for the Spectrum Gold / Spectrum Internet package, you can get an Apple TV 4K for as little as dollars a month! The Spectrum TV app on Apple TV 4K gives you all the benefits of the Spectrum Gold package in one tiny box. Alternatively, you can use voice commands to control your TV. Search for shows, change channels, play titles on demand, and more hands-free with voice commands.

Why you should upgrade to Spectrum Gold

Spectrum puts itself in the shoes of its customers and understands the frustration that comes with their industry. Spectrum offers its Spectrum Gold packages in the most customer-friendly way, getting rid of contracts, redeeming your current contract, offering a money-back guarantee, and more.

The composition of the Gold channel

It’s easy to list the main channels or even your favorite Spectrum TV channels, but the Gold TV channel list is much longer. The list of green checkmarks next to each channel was no exaggeration. The Gold TV listings includes local, sports, science and technology, top networks, news, music, films, life channels and a great deal more.

Spectrum Gold Premium Sports

If you are a sports fanatic then Spectrum Gold is for you as it includes both the NFL network and the NFL Redzone. It is 1 on a long list of sports channels including ESPN, FOX Sports, NBA TV, MLB Network, Outdoor Channel, Univision Deportes and more.

Spectrum contract redemption

Spectrum cannot have contracts, but your existing provider almost certainly does. Spectrum would like to free you from their compulsory contract and deprived customer service by buying out your contract. Forget about putting up with your current supplier until your contract expires. Take advantage of Spectrum Buyout and start enjoying superior service and entertainment today.

Spectrum Money Back Guarantee

As we said, Spectrum relies on customer satisfaction to keep its business going, not contracts or traps. If you are not satisfied with any of the Spectrum Gold packages, Spectrum will refund your money. The money-back guarantee gives you the confidence you need to try the Spectrum Gold package.

Watch on any screen from anywhere

With the popularity of streaming and the proliferation of smart devices available today, flexibility is the key to today’s entertainment. Spectrum offers maximum flexibility to enjoy your Spectrum TV Gold from any screen, anywhere. Live TV, recordings, video-on-demand and streaming can be watched on the go. Several users can watch videos at the same time in different places or in different rooms of the same house.