The Meaning behind Various Gemstones

Rohan Mathew

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When buying jewelry for yourself or a special someone in your life, men and women need to recognize the symbolism behind different gemstones. They serve as more than colorful adornments, as many people believe they come with certain powers, bring on good fortunes, and stimulate certain qualities. The cultural and historical meaning of each gemstone gives it meaning and magic. For this reason, men and women must look for pieces that are beautiful and come with a meaning, as this provides the piece with character and significance.


Legend has it the gorgeous pule hue seen with the amethyst comes from the wine-drenched tears of Dionysius. This gentleman, the Greek god of intoxication, cried these tears over Amethyst, a beautiful maiden who turned to crystalline quartz when he carelessly cursed her. The name comes from the Greek word “Amethystos”, which translates to “not drunk.” In ancient times, people wore the stone so they wouldn’t become intoxicated, and some do so for the same reason today. This gemstone comes with healing properties, according to some men and women. They feel it helps back pain, headaches, and alcoholism. Royals love this stone, as it appears in Catherine the Great’s jewels, the palace jewels of Egypt, and the British Crown Jewels. For more information on this precious gem, get help at Adina’s Jewels.

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The greenish-blue color characteristic of aquamarine brings to mind the sea, and people believe it helps to protect sailors while calming the seas. Stories tell of how mermaids would present this stone to sailors to safeguard them on their voyages. Some men and women state it helps to bless their marriage with happiness, and many people choose to wear it with their spring wardrobe or to beautify an evening gown on a cold winter night.

Anyone who has trouble speaking before a crowd may wish to purchase items with this gemstone. It is believed to help men and women overcome their fear of speaking. For this reason, quite a few teachers and presenters choose jewelry with one or more aquamarine stones.


When one thinks of Ireland, they think of emeralds. The breathtaking green seen in this gemstone reminds one of nature and the fields of this gorgeous country. In fact, many men and women compare the best emeralds to the best nature has to offer in its flora and fauna. The gems remain popular as they were during Cleopatra’s time. She loved to adorn herself with them, and people believe this stone provides the wearer with eloquence and foresight.

Men and women frequently refer to this gemstone as the stone of successful love. They state it opens and nurtures the heart while bringing freshness to the spirit. Anyone looking for a stone that embodies compassion and unconditional love should look to emeralds.


Identifying a garnet takes very little effort, as this precious stone resembles the pomegranate which they named it for. While red remains the most common color for this stone, men and women find garnets in a range of hues, including blues, orange, pinks, and purples. The stone represents love and eternity, as documented in Greek mythology, and people often give their significant other a garnet to symbolize their love and commitment.

Egypt’s kings and queens have long treasured garnets. In addition, during the middle ages, the clergy and aristocrats wore garnets to help protect against nightmares, help those suffering from depression, and relieve liver disease.


Rubies, with their gorgeous red hue, mimic the blood that runs through the veins of humans. For this reason, quite a few people believe they hold the power of life. The Sanskrit language refers to these gemstones as ratnaraj and the king of gems. Men and women today love this stone for its regal and rich look. In fact, Europeans at one time thought the stones brought health, riches, love, and wisdom to those wearing them. Today, this stone remains among the most expensive available, and people purchase it as they feel it is the perfect tribute to love and passion.


Although most people assume sapphires are blue, they come in a wide range of colors. This includes green, pink, violet, peach, orange, yellow, and blue. Men and women, however, associate romance and royalty with the blue gems of this name. When a person wears sapphires, it is believed they will find happiness and peace as the stones inspire wellbeing. Furthermore, the stones are believed to represent self-reflection and introspection, and people love the deep blue hue, which they feel represents passion and importance.

In some religions, the blue of the sapphire stands for the heavens. In fact, the Ancient Persians believed reflections from sapphires gave the sky its blue color. Other men and women state they made the tablets on which they wrote the Ten Commandments from sapphire. Imagine how beautiful that would be.

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Topaz serves as the November birthstone and comes in a range of colors. Choose from yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, purple, and red. A blue topaz typically starts as colorless topaz before being treated to provide the popular shade. Known as a pleochroic gem, certain topaz appear to change colors when the angle at which the viewer sees them changes along with the light conditions.

Greek mythology stated those who wore topaz gained strength. They felt it represented the person’s inner power and self-belief. Today, wearing this gemstone shows the individual is intelligent, good looking, destined for a long life, and someone who can let go of their anger.


Turquoise and December go hand in hand, and this has been known for centuries now. In fact, ancient Egyptians referred to the gemstone as “mefkat” which translates to delight. Turquoise comes in several shades, ranging from green to blue, but most people associate it with a sky blue or robin’s egg blue hue. People feel the turquoise stone helps to protect them against evil while promoting health and aiding fortunes.

Consider the above when you go to purchase new jewelry. What do you want the accessories to say about you? The choice of gemstone plays a role in this, so choose carefully. Nobody wants to send the wrong message unintentionally simply by wearing a piece of jewelry they love.