The numbers of people losing their jobs because of the Coronavirus pandemic is unsettling.

Rohan Mathew

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From the beginning of the pandemic to the current date, close to three million people lost their jobs. While many of them are not planning on getting new ones anytime soon, overall these numbers have not been parallelled by anything seen over the last several decades. Additionally, the situation didn’t seem to be much better when it came to people who were still holding onto their jobs. The number of hours worked fell by a record of 18% in the second quarter to 849 m, which was the lowest level since 1994. On average, a worker put in 25.8 hours a week, now   falling by an unprecedented 5.6 hours in the quarter. Furthermore, vacancies have more than halved over the same period. Simply put, the UK Government is still paying the wages of millions of workers through its furlough schemes across the country, which is positive in the short term  but could cause issues in the long-term.

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To make changes to a system that is already not doing too well, the Government is planning on opening their economies to get people to start visiting shops and start adding to the economy. Unfortunately, the haphazard way they are allowing shops, leisure facilities, and the hospitality industry to open doors is not very wise. It is reckless and could cause more issues with a larger number of people getting sick, then assisting with  making  a  significant  difference.  Various countries have already begun experiencing the second waves of the virus and are  enforcing additional lockdowns, while the UK is planning on removing restrictions on the economy.

Everything considered, despite challenges in calculating the official figures, certain things are in stone. The 20% drop in worked hours between the first and last weeks of March indicates the impact of the lockdown on activity and jobs. Furthermore, the number of people who lost their jobs will have a tough time getting new ones since the economy doesn’t seem to have many businesses open to hiring at this time. While several startups are planning on restarting the economy through remote working and keeping up to hours, they are not seeing many changes in that regard.

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With remote working being the norm, companies have started trying to match up to the requirement of their Government when they have to carry out work. The most common trend when it comes to working was video calls that everyone was handling, whether for internal or client meetings, which were considered casual, in the past. Employers started conducting background checks on the people working in their company since in many cases, they have not met these people in person and have to know if they are a good fit for the company. The most popular check that was conducted by employers was the DBS check which provided all the information that they would need on their employees for the sake of hiring. Some jobs need an additional layer of understanding about the people who would be working there, which was

handled through enhanced DBS checks.