The Power of Continuing to Learn

Albert Howard

The Power of Continuing to Learn

Why learn something new? Most folks would be in the majority, assuming that the bulk of learning skills happen in school. After that, what needs to be picked up comes from experience. However, the reality is that school and formal education only teaches hard skills in most cases. The most valuable tools people can learn are the soft skills of empathy, listening, emotional intelligence, and, most importantly, leadership. 

Unfortunately, the traditional perspective of soft-skill training is still firmly in place. There is a common opinion entrenched that people either “get it” over time, or they don’t, which is entirely wrong. Shown a proper path on how to develop, many folks in all types of industries can grow again, developing new abilities and becoming even more productive. However, as long as ongoing learning is considered odd, weird, not the norm, or a sign of social failure, then people aren’t taking advantage of the natural fact that humans are designed to keep learning. 

Leadership classes in particular are ideal for folks who have hit the zenith of their hard skill path and abilities and now need to migrate higher to be able to motivate and lead others in the same or more. Unlike the Hollywood military perspective of “sink or swim,” leadership can be learned. And leadership classes provided by trainers like Mindset and others can become incredibly valuable for ongoing career development or getting out of ruts and plateaus.

A Personal Development Approach Focused on Leadership Synergy 

The Mindset program focuses on elevating one’s understanding of how to step out and bring an entire team forward towards desired goals and output. It’s an introspective look into what makes up a person for greater awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses, and then how to leverage one’s energy for positive encouragement and push. The results tend to be incredibly powerful, giving followers reasons to engage in collective efforts they otherwise wouldn’t pursue on their own. This is the capability of effective leadership in the modern setting, especially in scenarios where ad hoc flexibility is often needed in practice versus textbook solutions. 

A Classic Leadership Course Program

The Management Centre Europe, or MCE, is a regular provider of leadership training, both as summer courses for individuals as well as corporate solutions. Key training areas include strategic development, personnel and HR topics, inclusion and diversity, women’s leadership, and industry-specific training in life science as well as the oil & gas industries. With multiple locations for their training, the MCE program has options for folks located in central Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East.

Dealing With Hybrid and Generational Leadership

The Center for Creative Leadership is another resource specifically geared toward helping turn around personnel resources to produce effective leadership in challenging markets and industries. Hitting many of the current themes with their training, the CCL also provides comparative training in women’s leadership, diversity and inclusion, HR and personnel leadership, the hybrid workforce, and, most importantly, leadership during change management. Based in Belgium, CCL provides training in-person with 360-degree assessments as well as next-generation development curriculum. 

Flexible Online Leadership Training

Insead promotes an online approach to leadership training, providing students and companies a flexible alternative to structured in-person training that can conflict with schedules or requires distance traveling. Rather than dealing with a down week or month, employees and applicants are engaged with an online program that covers coaching, changes in digital transformation leadership, their fundamentals via the LEAD program, and multiple standard categories of leadership training in finance, marketing, strategy and their executive leadership training program. 

Again, there’s no reason for people to stop learning. The willingness and opportunity to expand further only stands to create additional opportunities for people and organizations, not detract from them. Find out more with Mindset and others. Leadership education is very much available for all types of needs.