The Traditional Chinease Treatment

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The Traditional Chinease Treatment

Gua Sha In Denver Colorado

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medical treatment that has been practiced for thousands of years. It involves making repetitive circular motions with the hands, usually with a lubricated implement. Gua sha is typically performed on the back and can be done either standing or lying down. It is used most often to treat muscular tension, pain, stiffness, swelling, headaches and other common ailments.

Gua Sha in Denver Colorado increases blood flow to tissues, which can help relieve muscle soreness and discomfort. The technique creates firm pressure that feels like it’s scraping off layers of skin (hence the name gua sha).   However, many people are accustomed to having this treatment for reducing under eye circles as well as any other areas of the face such as cheeks, jawline or hands where the tissue might be thicker than say your legs or arms. 

Gua sha is also helpful in reducing inflammation and swelling and can be used to relieve pain usually caused by muscle aches, colds or the flu. Gua sha is believed to stimulate tissue regeneration, promote blood circulation throughout the body, activate the lymphatic system and promote drainage of toxins from affected areas.

Gua Sha in Denver Colorado also has many benefits for your health such as detoxification, improvement in immune function, relaxation of muscles and reduction in stress levels. It’s like an all-in-one fixer that can make you feel better fast!

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Here Is How Gua Sha Works:   

lubricant such as skin oil or lotion is applied to protect the skin. Then a rounded edge tool (often made out of animal bone) which emits heat and pressure is used to move firmly across muscles, bones or tendons. The tool provides the traction needed for tissue manipulation and helps to loosen muscle tension and adhesions. 

Gua sha has no adverse effects on the body. Just about anyone can perform gua sha with ease; however, some Western doctors are still skeptical of its benefits and often warn against possible bruising or other side effects that could result from deep tissue work. As always, use your best judgment when trying something new!

The direction in which you move the gua sha across the skin determines whether it is a warming or cooling sensation. In traditional Chinese medicine, warming brings blood flow to an area promoting warmth and while cooling can reduce inflammation or swelling.

Gua sha was used as a remedy for respiratory problems such as colds and flu before the development of modern medicine. It still remains an important health practice today!  Gua sha is one of my personal favorite techniques because it feels so good, works wonders on the body, and has numerous benefits both physically and mentally.

People have been using gua sha for years to heal from all kinds of ailments including frequent colds, back pain, stiff muscles etc. 

There are lots of different ways to use gua sha but below some examples:

  • use it to help muscles after intense workouts or any muscle soreness
  • help reduce the appearance of under eye circles or bruising under eyes (particularly when I feel tired)
  • to avoid colds during wintertime
  • when you are feeling pain anywhere in your body where it’s a good idea to increase blood flow.  The list is endless…

The easiest way to learn this technique is by having someone show you how so if you have an acupuncturist, ask them! If not, no worries google it and learn what comes natural for you while paying attention with which pressure and how fast you need to move the gua sha tool on your skin. Also turning it over and using the rounded part will help you figure out how firm pressure feels best to you.

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gua sha is another great way to help yourself feel your best by promoting blood flow and clearing any impurities out of the body. It’s also super fun and feels amazing! it is very beneficial for your health and strengthens your mind too! this technique is quite old and people are getting benefits from it and using it regularly.

We hope this article has helped you in some way and cleared your confusions about this technique.