We Will Compare for You the Vacuum Cleaner Models On the Market

Rohan Mathew

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Tell us what your house is like and we will tell you which vacuum cleaner you should buy

When opting for a home vacuum cleaner, aspects such as the size of the home, whether or not you have pets, if there are people allergic to dust, the existence or not of stairs, the type of floor and the frequency should be assessed. estimated usage, among other factors

The irruption in the market for robot vacuum cleaners was at the time a real revolution in terms of household chores. The innovative systems, which even allow to carry out a cleaning process with remote programming, among other possibilities, have been a before and after when it comes to household chores. But is a robot vacuum cleaner always the ideal solution? No, it all depends on how the house is.

The functions of a vacuum cleaner can vary according to the type of house or according to the needs of the inhabitants themselves. For example, for a home in which pets reside there are certain models that are more recommended to eliminate hairs. But if the house has stairs or outdoor spaces, the same solution may not be useful.

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Aspects to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner

Before making the final decision on which is the most suitable vacuum cleaner for the home, certain aspects must be calibrated, without this implying only looking at the latest models. Probably the most sophisticated devices do not quite meet your needs due to the configuration of the home. Our recommendation is that before choosing a vacuum cleaner, factors such as:

  • Size of the home (house, apartment or studio).
  • Presence of stairs.
  • Presence of animals.
  • Allergic people.
  • Soil type.
  • Frequency of use.
  • Budget you have.

At present, the market presents us, in general, six different configurations of these devices:

  • Bagless sled vacuum cleaners that stand out for their power
  • Bagged sled vacuum cleaners with an excellent balance between consumption and power
  • Very easy to use corded hand vacuum cleaners
  • Cordless handheld vacuum cleaners, very versatile
  • Upright (broom) vacuum cleaners that sweep and vacuum at the same time
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners, which can include mop or mop functions. If you want to know which is the best model of 2020, here you will find our analysis on robot vacuum cleaners.

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The ideal vacuum cleaner according to the size of the house

If you are looking for a best cordless vacuum for tile floors that fits perfectly with your home, you must assess its size to know which is the best option. A vacuum cleaner is not the same for a large house than for a small apartment or studio.

For an apartment or a studio, broom or upright vacuum cleaners are the most suitable, as they will allow you to access any nook in the house and carry out intensive cleaning. The great advantage of these vacuum cleaners in a home of small proportions is their size. It can be stored almost anywhere without the need for a dedicated closet for it. Also, while vacuuming time is limited on these models, that shouldn’t be a problem for small floors. Before the battery runs out, everything will be clean!

In a large house, a robot vacuum cleaner or a sled vacuum cleaner can do the job better. In the case of robots, their batteries are large enough to travel a large part of the house. And in the case of bag vacuum cleaners, its connection to the network improves the cleaning power, although it must be recognized that changing the plug when moving from one room to another can be quite tiring.

And in the event that the house is large and has several floors? In this case, you should think even more about the model that best suits you. We discard the robot vacuum cleaner, because it cannot climb or clean the stairs. Using this type of device implies having to raise and lower the machine by hand continuously. For this reason, the sled vacuum cleaner is more advisable, since, among all the existing models, it is the most comfortable option, considering the overall cleaning count. It doesn’t need to bend and can vacuum for long hours. Inconvenient? Transporting it from one floor to another. But it is a problem that we will find with any other option.

In my home there are pets or allergies, what vacuum cleaner should I buy?

The hair of domestic animals is another factor that makes homeowners upset. On many occasions they find that, in addition to the need to combat dust, they also have to eliminate traces of hair from the dog or cat.

Removing pet hair can be an arduous task for both your hand and your vacuum cleaner. For this reason, it is advisable to have an upright or sled vacuum cleaner. This first model is most useful for suction in corners or corners of the floor. They are the best option, if they have a carpet brush.

In the event that one of the inhabitants of the house suffers from an allergy to dust, it is best to obtain a device that has a HEPA filter. These filters purify the air as they suck in, thus limiting “dust kicking up” during the process.

What is the best vacuum cleaner according to the floor of the house?

Evaluating the material of the floor of your house is another of the extremely important issues when deciding on one model or another of vacuum cleaner. For example, for a wooden parquet a robot vacuum cleaner is recommended, while for porous ceramic floors sled vacuum cleaners are perfect since they have greater suction force to attract debris accumulated in the pores. Finally, if the floor of your house is marble, terrazzo, or any other floor with a low percentage of porosity, the force of an upright vacuum cleaner would suffice.

Finally, it should be remembered that other aspects such as the frequency of use that you are going to give your vacuum cleaner and, of course, the budget you have, will determine your final choice. The robot vacuum cleaner is the most suitable for daily use, because they gradually clean rooms without affecting much in any specific area, while sled or broom vacuum cleaners are more suitable options for specific uses in which you want to achieve a good result. The debate here is on cleaning every day a little or a lot one day?

Regarding the price, you should know that the handheld vacuum cleaner does not work for vacuuming the floor of the house, but they are the cheapest models. Cheap and useful are upright or broom vacuum cleaners, although you have to look closely at the actual minutes of vacuuming. Somewhat higher in terms of price, we find robot vacuum cleaners, while high-powered sled vacuum cleaners are more expensive.

There are countless firms that launch different campaigns that allow you to save on the purchase of the vacuum cleaner. Today we find discounts on vacuum cleaners from brands such as Dyson, which despite having a higher price, guarantee better suction results in both broom and sled vacuum cleaners.