There’s an App for That: 5 Tips for Developing an App

Rohan Mathew

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Developing an app is the way to go in a time where almost everyone has a smartphone. This means you have a huge market available to you at any given time and the app can take off and flourish.

Developing an app does not always come naturally and can be tricky.

Here are five tips for developing an app that can ensure that your app thrives.

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  1. Keep Users Engaged

Getting a download is not the end all be all when it comes to app development. Just because someone has downloaded your app does not mean they are going to keep it long term.

Once the user has downloaded the app, be sure to keep them engaged in a variety of different ways. One of the most abundantly used methods is through the use of notifications.

It sends them a message straight from the app that is visible from their home or lock screen and when they click on it, it sends them straight into the app.

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  1. Think About Scalability

Don’t just hit your target and think that is it. Think about scaling your app from the get-go so that updates and timelines can be shared with customers. Customers love to hear from companies and what their plans are, being too vague or mysterious can lead to customer let down.

Learn to think globally as well. As emerging markets like Brazil and India continue to expand their smartphone line up, these countries can quickly become your biggest customers.

  1. Don’t Skip On Security

Don’t think just because you are small now that you do not need to worry about cyber attacks. Building an app requires that you keep your customer’s safety in mind.

Small companies are usually much more vulnerable to attacks than big companies like Amazon or Google. Don’t skip out on this part, as leaked information about anything related to your customers can lead to immediate closure in business.

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  1. Keep Battery Life In Mind

One of the most important steps to develop an app is to ensure that your app is not draining the battery of users. Most iPhones and Androids will now let the user know what app is using the most battery life.

You do not want to be at the top of this list, as this will usually be one of the first apps to go if they are not actively using it. Substitute bright areas for darker ones, as they will usually use less battery.

  1. Test as Much as Possible Before Launch

Don’t skip out on testing with as many people as possible before launch. Many companies offer beta programs with the understanding that the user is looking for bugs to report so that you can squish them before going live.

Also, make sure you test on several different products and operating systems. Just because an app works on iOS 13, does not mean it can automatically work for iOS 12.

Developing an App Has Never Been Easier

Developing an app can only be a few clicks and phone calls away from delivering the next big hit on the app store. Just be patient and get your system set up before the launch, so when it makes it big, you’ll be ready.

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