5 Things That You Could Be Doing Wrong To Your Fridge

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In This Article We Are Going To Discuss 5 Things That You Could Be Doing Wrong To Your Fridge

A fridge is an incredible investment in your home. Without a fridge or when the refrigerator is worn out, you have many inconveniences that will give you the best to have the refrigerator back. Thus, homeowners are ready to go out of their way to ensure that they keep their refrigerators safe and durable.

Unfortunately, DIY fridge maintenance could be the root of the problem. As a result, you will later need to get in touch with companies like A1 Denver Commercial Refrigeration Repair or even buy a new fridge even when you thought that you were doing everything right. Below are the things that you could be doing wrong in your fridge.

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5 Things That You Could Be Doing Wrong To Your Fridge

The 5 Things That You Could Be Doing Wrong To Your Fridge Are Given Below

  • Storing Food Haphazardly

Although the fridge’s temperature may be constant all-round, this does not mean that you can store food in your fridge haphazardly. That means that you should not save food where it will fit but instead store it to help it last longer.

For instance, use the drawers to store fruits, vegetables, herbs, and salads. All dairy products such as yogurt, butter, cheese, and milk will do well on the middle shelf. You can use the top shelf for foods that do not need cooking like left-overs or pre-cooked meat.

Items with natural preservatives like jams and fruit juices can be stored in the inner door, by storing food so that you are likely to preserve it better than when it is stored haphazardly.

  • Improper Cleaning Of The Fridge

The fridge is where you store items that are later consumed. For this reason, this should be one of the cleanest places in your house. Ideally, you are supposed to spot clean the fridge at least once every week and deep clean it at least once a month.

Ensure that you carefully clean all the spills and leaks that are in the fridge. Additionally, fridge cleaning should not involve only the inside part but also the outer part as well. That includes the condenser coils that you have at the back of the fridge.

In case such areas are not properly cleaned, this could lead to more energy consumption as the refrigerator works harder to remove heat. In other cases, it will also fail, thus costing you repair expenses.

  • Overstocking The Fridge

A full fridge may give you more satisfaction as compared to an empty fridge. However, if your refrigerator is always full to the brim, it may cause more harm than good. When the shelves and nocks of the fridge are overstocked, it is harder for the refrigerator to keep the temperature inside cool.

As a result, the refrigerator may be destroyed as it strives to maintain the temperature refreshing, and you may realize a rise in your energy bills. On the other side, an empty fridge is also not good.

When the refrigerator is empty, warm air may occupy the space, making the fridge to overwork to help maintain a cold temperature. Therefore, always ensure that your refrigerator is at least three-quarters full to avoid causing any havoc.

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  • Your Temperature Is Not Set Right

The temperature that you set for your fridge determines how well the refrigerator will function. Although setting fridge temperature can be tricky, you need to figure out how to avoid possible havocs. If the temperature is too low, you give bacteria a higher chance to survive and multiply, thus making food go bad.

On the other hand, low temperatures may cause food to freeze, which is not suitable. Additionally, if the temperature is too high, the fridge will overwork to maintain low heat. Therefore, ensure that your temperature is set right to avoid such problems with your fridge. In case you’re not sure how to fix it, you can consult to help you do it right.

  • Contaminating Other Foods

Poor storage of foods in the fridge could lead to contamination of other foods in the refrigerator. To avoid this, ensure that all food that you store in the refrigerator is tightly sealed. Additionally, ensure that you store your meal separately, as mentioned above.

For instance, avoid storing fish, raw meat, and poultry together with other foods, leading to contamination. It is also advisable to avoid storing drinking, such as juices, where they could leak and damage other foods.

Also, you can choose a display refrigerator that keeps your food safe and fresh.


Your fridge is one of the most paramount items in your kitchen. Therefore, it’s your duty to make sure that the refrigerator is taken good care of to avoid having it repaired from time to time. Avoid the mistakes mentioned above, and you shall keep your fridge around for long.

We Have Successfully Discussed 5 Things That You Could Be Doing Wrong To Your Fridge In This Article.