Things to Expect in a College Move-in day

Rohan Mathew


Lots of excitement is there when it comes to moving into college day. New students, as well as their parents, are figuring out all the things that how to move into the college dorm. There are also lots of confusion because no one gets the information they need. From managing cost to hire movers to ensuring everything is packed and ready to move, there are a lot of things that you need to manage. So, how you can stay stress free? Remember these things when it comes to the moving day. 

Expect the fact that now you have to leave your family and parents 

Yes, you should expect this as soon as it is possible. On moving day, at a certain point on the day, you will get separated from your family but be happy, it is the start of your career. Your family members or your parents can meet you on certain days only. You can also invite them on special occasions.

Inquire the schedule and be stick on it 

Make sure you stick with the schedule that you will get to know like you will get a particular time to unload your items into your college dorm. So, make sure you choose the moving day according to the schedule set by the college. The moving day is full of tasks to do from several meetings to unloading of items and some other tasks so make sure you get to prepare for all the things to do. You need to cover a lot of things in one day so expect to have a hectic day that you should complete with high performance. 

Each moment of the moving day is important so once you know the scheduled time from college, make sure you stay on the schedule. Don’t get stressed because you need to handle a lot of tasks in shorter time-span, don’t overload your brain with lots of things at a time. Dividing tasks in shorter chunks and assigning a task to time will be a good option for you. 

Put your best efforts in making new life-long friends 

It is a time when you should stay alone. Yes, it is the timewhen all of the students in the college are roaming in confusion while having lots of tasks to do in their minds. Though it is not the right time to meet the students but grab the opportunity of the dinner party at night. While you consider it completely lame, still it is important to visit the party to get the opportunity to make new friends. Keep in mind there are only a few days that are like an opportunity to make new friends grab that opportunity if you can. Make sure you attend all the events especially at the start of the days. Yes, it is difficult to get out of the comfort zone but you have to push yourself. Make sure you put your best efforts into making life long relations or friends. 

Have some sleep 

Having some sleep can make you feel good. While you don’t get time to sleep sometime but it is equally important to devote some time for self care. Even a little sleep can help you a lot. 

Bottom line: At last, you are in college now, enjoy your life and the day was over.