Things You Need To Know About Preferred Stocks

Rohan Mathew


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Everyone who is investing in stocks want to be on a safe side and also want good return potential of stocks. This is where preferred stocks come into play that offers safer side with greater returns than any common stock. A preferred stock is the hybrid of both bond and common stocks. It includes combined features of both. It has less risk than common stocks but has more risk than bond stocks.

Before investing in any company, investor must choose one of the two main types of stocks – first is common stocks and second is preferred stocks. Here in this article, I will share my knowledge on what is preferred stock, its working and is it hard to sell the preferred stocks in 2021?

What is a Preferred Stock?

Preferred share are just like the ordinary shares and differ in some additional protection for the holder. It also give the stockholder the priority during share dividend or liquidation. This means company gives preference to dividends before common stock but not before creditors, general creditors, and bondholders.

Preferred Stock holders are ranked higher in the company’s structure thus making them the high priority than common stocks.

How Does Preferred Stock Works?

Now lets see the working of this type of stock. In many ways, preferred stocks work the same way as the bond giving the holder the fixed return investment. Following are some points to consider for preferred shares:

  • Same as the bonds, preferred stocks have “par value” that a holder can redeemed and its price is $25 per share. Even if you sell still you can repurchase them anytime.
  • On a regular schedule, fixed dividends are paid out to preferred stockholder.
  • Similar like fixed-income securities that have inverse relationship with the interest rates, preferred stock shares can respond to any change in the interest rates.

So these are the things in which preferred stocks and bond stocks are similar and the rest things are different but are attractive that catches the attention of most of the investors in the market.

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How to Purchase Preferred Stock?

Same as other stocks, preferred shares are traded on the exchanges to keep the prices transparent. Just one issue is not all of the companies offer preferred stocks thats why its market is small and the liquidity is limited as compared to other common stocks. Banks, utilities and real estate, insurance companies, and REITs are the ones offering preferred stocks in the market.

Before you purchase the preferred stock shares, you must review the credit ratings with Moody’s or S&P as they have the right information on it. Then you must consider other features including yields, convertibility and callability. Its highly recommended to first verify all of the details including the offerings you want and what you are getting. The best way to reduce the risk is to by buying through mutual fund or an ETN.

Everyone who is investing in stocks want to be on a safe side and also want good return potential of stocks. That is why researches on the internet focus on the best stocks to buy right now, and the best IPOs coming up on the market

Is Preferred Stock Hard To Sell?

The answer is no. It is same like any other stock share listed in the exchanges. Same as you buy them, you can sell them too through the exchanges. In some cases, where the preferred stocks have very low liquidity, it become hard to sell them but they also get sold just more time is required. This not apply to all preferred stock shares and only on those having low liquidity.