Things You Need to Know Before Planning Michigan Trip

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Planning a vacation is the only task that doesn’t require great enthusiasm to gather all the information because you already feel excited about it. You try your best to list down all possible things that need to be done while you visit that destination with your closed ones. Unfortunately, you might miss some important information in awe of excitement and later regret your mistakes.

So if you have thought of Michigan as your next travel destination and are planning for the same, then we will make sure that you don’t miss any such valuable information. Michigan is the land filled with sandy beaches, inland lakes, woodland wilderness, and offers a variety of other experiences. It is surely a dream destination for any travel lover. Hence, in this article, you will find some essential things that you need to know before planning a trip to Michigan.


Best time to visit Michigan:

The average temperatures vary drastically in Michigan, but the best time to visit is from late spring in May to mid-autumn in October. Moreover, the temperatures feel cold for half of the year and create a very low chance of snow or rain throughout the year. Regardless of the weather, Michigan will offer you the best views for that specific time of the year.

For instance, if you visit in winters, you will experience winter playgrounds, snowmobile trails, and cosy cabins to view the snowfalls. On the other hand, if you visit in summers, you will enjoy the stunning beaches filled with turquoise water and white sands, whereas the spring or fall will entertain you with fragrant cherry blossoms and colourful tulips.

Ways to reach and get around Michigan:

There are various options to reach Michigan, and getting around will depend on which location you are flying to. For example, if you are taking a flight to Grand Rapids, Detroit, or Traverse City, you can easily get around by renting a car or using public transport. Contrarily, if you are taking a flight to Escanaba, Pellston, or Marquette, you will have only limited options. But, if you wish to travel in your own car around Michigan, you will have to consider the destinations on your list and the time to get around each of them.

Where to go:

The destinations in Michigan will mainly depend on what you want to experience there. If you want to sit back and calm yourself on a sunny beach, experience a summer festival, and treat yourself with a wide range of dining opportunities, then you can visit Traverse City, Charlevoix, or Holland. There are also some fascinating and romantic getaways in Michigan, which you would love to explore with your better half.

Other than that, if you want to seek history, culture, and grab opportunities to connect and learn about Michigan, then you can head to Detroit, Sault Ste. Marie, or Mackinaw. If you are an offbeat traveller who likes to indulge in nature, biking, camping, or hiking, you can visit Boyne, Marquette, or Copper Harbour.

Activities or Events:

You can experience a myriad of activities on your visit to Michigan. There are galleries, historic landmarks, dining opportunities, music, museums, theatre, and various other areas that can add a spark to your vacation. The communities of Michigan host a wide range of events like ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, the iconic Traverse City Film Festival, Tulip Time in Holland, Frankenmuth’s Bavarian Festival, pow wows throughout the state, the UP200 dogsled race in Upper Peninsula and much more.

Michigan also offers a plethora of activities for nature admirers as it is surrounded by some of the biggest lakes in the world. The state parks offer wildlife activities such as hiking, camping, and fun-oriented activities like skiing, boating, and fishing. To put in other words, you can get to experience the tastes of two different worlds while your visit to Michigan. It means you can enjoy the bustling sight of cities or indulge in peaceful nature.

Food options:

Meat pasty is a traditional Michigan recipe which you can try, but the metropolitan areas will offer anything you feel like eating. You will observe many burger joints and restaurants dotted throughout the Upper Peninsula and a cluster of chains, ethnic restaurants, and fine dining in any of the cities. Moreover, you can try the top-rated food servers in Detroit, such as Pizza Papalis, Slows Bar BQ, Michael Symon’s Roast, Lafayette Coney Island, and Giovanni’s.

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Find a perfect place for your stay:

If you don’t want to feel exhausted or tired by travelling long distances, make sure that you find a perfect place for your stay. For example, if you want to spend evenings experiencing the charming downtowns, then choose a central location that can be covered on foot. For camping trips, remember to check the amenities needed for a comfortable stay. All in all, Michigan will always cover all your choices right from resorts, campsites, breakfasts, to boutique hotels.

Spoken Language:

The residents of Michigan speak the English language, but they have one of the fastest and strongest dialects in the country. It is observed that they contract several words and speak quickly, which might leave you confused. Hence, it is important to pay proper attention while talking with people from Michigan.


Michigan’s currency is the US dollar, where the bank notes are available in denominations of US$ 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100. You can easily exchange the currency at a bank as most of the tourist places have banks that exchange many major currencies. You can also get cash through ATM’s which are available in supermarkets, bank lobbies, or any other large stores. If you are carrying the traveller’s check, then it is best to cash them at the banks. Additionally, credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa are also accepted majorly everywhere in the state.


Michigan is a great place to create a memorable trip, but to experience the best of it; you have to plan it wisely. We hope that this article helps you in planning your itineraries and the top destination of Michigan.