This Is What It Takes to Be a Great Leader

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According to Leader’s Beacon, between 38-50% of all leaders fail within the first 18 months of working at their new position. Whether on account of poor management skills, a lack of communication, or some other problem, it’s hard for many leaders to adjust to their new role.

So what can you do to ensure that you’re successful? What does it take to be a good leader?

If you’re wondering what it takes to be a great leader, keep reading for a guide that’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Have a Vision

If you look at great leaders throughout history, one of the commonalities between them is that they all had a vision. Whether that vision was for a country, a business, or some other organization, they all had an idea of where they wanted to take a group of people.

Make sure that you have a vision, and that you share it with the people who follow you. This gives them something to work for.

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Be Passionate

Aside from having a vision, you also need to be passionate about the work you do. The people who work for you should be able to notice your enthusiasm and drive. If they do, it’ll motivate them to work harder in turn.

Try to help those working for you to feel the same fire that you do. You should all be working with enthusiasm towards the same goal.

Promote Clear Communication

A good leader knows that they’re always part of a team, including if they’re at the top. Ignoring suggestions and feedback from others and trying to do everything yourself if a surefire way to fail. Make sure to communicate with the people you work with.

You should also always be open to the idea of leadership training. These sorts of programs can help further develop your leadership skills.

Be Open to Feedback

Besides communicating with others, you also need to be receptive to constructive criticism and feedback. Understand that the people you work with may have different views on issues than you do.

Instead of shutting these people down and insisting that your method is the best, consider listening to what they have to say. In some cases, their suggestions may prove valuable.

Show Confidence 

No leader is perfect, and there’ll be times when you make mistakes. Instead of defending certain actions that were wrong or trying to blame your mistakes on others, stay confident but admit when you’re wrong.

Staying confident but humble in both good and bad times is an essential component of any leader, and will help those working with you trust you more.

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Wondering What It Takes to Be a Great Leader? This Guide Should Help

When you’re thrown into a position of power, it can be difficult to know what it takes to be a great leader. Yet by following this guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of what constitutes great leadership.

Do you have any other advice on how to be someone who leads? Make sure to tell us in a comment down below.

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