Three Manifestation Journals You Must Keep In 2022

Rohan Mathew

Do you want to improve your mindset? Then, you need a manifestation journal! With a manifestation journal, you will keep your goals close to your heart and create a roadmap to achieve them. A manifesting journal prompts you to get thinking out of the box and helps you turn every self-limiting belief into a stepping stone for greatness. 

To help you start your journey, we will take you through three manifestation journals you must keep in 2022! 

What Is a Manifestation Journal? 

A manifestation journal is a book where you write out things that will help you create the reality you want to see. You can start a manifestation journal with any old notebook in your house. The contents of your journal don’t have to be on a specific subject. You’re allowed to write whatever comes to your mind. 

Be intentional about your manifestation journal. You also want to be specific about what you are writing. For example, if you’re going to rise to the top of your team in the next five years, write how you intend to go about it. Every little detail is very important. 

Three Manifestation Journals You Must Keep In 2022 

Manifestation journals are so influential that they can create a new reality when you dedicate yourself to keeping one. Here is the list of three manifestation journals you must keep in 2022. 

  1. Relationship Journal 

If you’re having issues with your relationships, a relationship fixer journal might be what you need. Start by writing down ten or twenty things you like about someone you don’t usually get along with. If you commit to it every day, you will begin to see your relationship with that person improve. Examples of some of the things you can write down. 

  • I appreciate that she takes care of the house. 
  • I appreciate that he walks the dog. 
  • I appreciate the way he smiles in the morning. 
  1. Morning Intentions 

Journaling your morning intentions is very powerful because it sets the tone for the day. A self care journal helps you consider how you want to feel for the day. When you journal your morning intentions, your reality will be set towards the north star, and you will break out of destructive patterns and loops. It clears your mind and gives you a perspective on your day. Here are examples of what you can write:

  • Ten Things I appreciate this morning. 
  • Five ways I commit to feeling today. 
  • I am feeling inspired to take these actions. 
  1. Appreciation Journal 

Appreciation is an essential part of manifesting because it helps you have a more positive outlook on your life. You can keep an appreciation journal by writing down what you appreciate about your life. Alternatively, you can take it further by writing the things you appreciate about your family or spouse. An appreciation journal is excellent for fixing relationships because it helps you see more good in your partner. 

Start by writing things you are grateful for; it could be from the minor things to the biggest ones. If you’re happy about the warm weather, you should write it in your journal. If you appreciate the new house you just bought, write it in your journal. 

Final Thoughts 

Repeating a pattern of positivity is a positive way to allow more light to shine through your heart. Start journaling today and see how you begin to appreciate yourself and the people around you better. If you’d like to start your journey, start with these three manifestation journals you must keep in 2022. Visit to get started!