Tips and Tricks: How to Make Music Practice Fun

Rohan Mathew

The ultimate way to get better at anything is to perform constant practicing. No matter what tasks we are talking about, whether it’s playing a sports game, playing musical instruments, writing an essay,  singing a song, or any other tasks, you can always get better at it only by consistent practicing. However, people often encounter problems in terms of enjoyment. Most music practice sessions can seem to be boring and uninteresting to many people. This is the reason why in this article, we have put together a list of ways to make music practice sessions fun and engaging.

Tips and Tricks

Keep your practice sessions short

When learning a specific musical instrument such as a violin, you need to set up your practice time. You  do not want to drain yourself soaking with too much time of practice. Learning would be effective and efficient if you’ll practice for a short time to avoid exhaustion. Set up goals in every session so your practice will be worthwhile.

Find someone to practice with

Partnering with someone who’s learning the violin too can make the experience fun. You’d get the chance to talk about something you’re both interested in such as the violin brands you prefer. You can also share your struggles and tips on how you can speed up your learning process. Having someone you can practice with can help emotionally and mentally in the process.


Trying experiments while learning different musical aspects is also a way to help you enjoy music practice sessions. You can start by trying different musical instruments you like. Aside from that, you can also try different types of practice methods during your practice sessions. Consequently, it will not only help you figure out the best way to acquire skills. It will also help you avoid getting exhausted by doing the same practice method over and over again.

Listen to music often

There has to be a specific reason why you choose to perform music practice sessions. Whether you are specifically inclined to music or you just want to perform a casual task, it is always better to listen to music oftentimes. Multiple studies revealed that sounds and melodies are helpful to stimulate the human brain. Meaning to say, if you will listen to some music more often, you can help yourself to learn better during music practice sessions. You can help condition your mind and your body to work better while enjoying your practice sessions.

Keep a music journal

Keeping a music journal is also a helpful trick to allow your music practice to be fun. In a music journal, you can write down everything that is happening in your music practice. You can cherish funny memories which happened during your practice sessions. You can save the techniques and strategies that you learned during your practice sessions. There is so much you can keep in a music journal so it is best for you to keep one to help make your music practice incredibly fun.


There are so many things you can do in your practice sessions to make them fun and engaging. You need to keep the balance between learning and having fun. By doing so, you can genuinely absorb the knowledge and skills that you are expected to achieve. You can apply everything that is mentioned in this discussion and sooner or later, you will surely make your music practice extremely fun.