Tips and Tricks to get rid of Rats 

Albert Howard

Tips and Tricks to get rid of Rats

Rats are considered as the most dangerous creatures as they can contaminate your food, damage your property and can even torn off electric wires. Additionally, rats, their faces, and rat fleas can carry the disease, making them a particularly dangerous health hazard. So, getting rid of rats is very important and you can take help of rat control Melbourne for the job. 

Unfortunately, mice can be very difficult to get rid of because they can be found in many areas in and around your home, from wood piles, bushes or outside trash cans to wall and ceiling insulation, crawl spaces, closets and under bathtubs and may live nearby underneath the hot water heaters and furnaces.

Yes, and they rely mostly on their other senses and they move through the darkness using their long whiskers and guard hair on their bodies to guide them. 

  • Put fresh food in the trap feed 

If you want to trick a rat and catch it, make sure you don’t feed it rotten food or anything it doesn’t like. It’s hard to believe but rats have different tastes too. They are also very wary, which means they have to seek food elsewhere. Rats have a keen sense of smell to find food, so the scent of any bait can easily be used to make it more attractive to them. Along with rats, you can also go for termite inspection Gold Coast to have a complete pest control for your property.

  • Use wooden snap trap

A good way to catch mice is to use a wooden snap trap. We see this all the time in cartoons and movies. Many people do not use this type of trap because it can trap only one mouse at a time and others feel that it is less humane because it will kill the animal painfully. If you’re on the gentler side, you can use a glue board instead. These are made of wood or cardboard and covered with highly viscous glue. When a mouse runs over it, it gets trapped. How will he die? either by starvation or suffocation. I always put a piece of bread or a few pieces of bread on the glue board so the mice can take the bait at any time and it always works!

  • Set multiple traps for instant catch 

If you don’t want your house rats to die (which is unlikely), you can use a multi-catch trap instead. The only problem is that you have to go somewhere else to release them, which means they could end up in someone else’s house or even yours. If you think you have a lot of rats in your home and have had this problem for a long time, you may want to consider calling a pest control service to get rid of the problem completely.

Final thoughts 

Mice and rats often breed so you will need to be vigilant about finding and removing rats from your home. Thus, select the best mice and termite control can be an excellent way to get rid of unnecessary pests. Fill the trap with any food and wait to collect the trapped mice. Always use gloves to prevent the spread of disease and use plastic bags to remove trapped rats.