Tips for a Positive Walking Experience with Your Dog

Rohan Mathew

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Walking outside can be a dog’s highlight of the day. This can be their source of physical exercise, mental stimulation, and an opportunity to get to know other people and dogs in the neighbourhood. To ensure a pleasing experience in a dog walk Brisbane can offer you, here are some tips to consider.

Type of Leash

Some dogs pull on the leash, which is why you need to train them on how to be comfortable in wearing one. Most dogs that are tugged back react poorly and pull even more. Therefore, it makes sense to use a front clip harness and leash instead. This accessory pulls your dog from the front, and they will not fight against it. When you hire a private dog walker, make sure that your furry friend uses a comfy clip harness so there won’t be any problem while they are walking.

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Time of the Day

The general duration a dog walk Brisbane professionals follow is at least 15 minutes for three to four times a day. However, this can vary on several factors, such as your dog’s breed, eating habit, size, age, and health condition. One walk a day could be enough for smaller dogs, while high-energy dog breeds may require more.


Whether you are the one accompanying your dog for a walk or you’ve asked the help of professional dog walkers, walking is the perfect time to train your pooch for basic behaviour skills. While walking, your dog may encounter different people and situations. Start using positive reinforcement in them, and eventually, they will get the hang of it.


Try to walk your dog at the same times and places. When introduced to a dog walk Brisbane schedule, dogs have an instinct to behave like how they are taught to act the first time they walked on a street or park. When your dog knows where they are going, they remain calmer.


Training your dog can be a bit challenging, and it helps if you have treats handy to reward them. Be sure to only give them these treats when they are successful in doing what you told them to and not to calm them down. Giving them treats every time they demand it will just reinforce bad behaviour.

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Essential Items

The top three things you shouldn’t forget when you walk your dog somewhere are poop bags, a bottle of water, and a toy. You’ll never know when your dog will defecate, so it’s common courtesy to bring a poop bag with you so you can dispose of the waste properly. Of course, dogs also get dehydrated, so they will need to drink water from time to time. Lastly, bring a toy you can throw and for them to fetch to maximise their experience while outdoors.

Hire a Dog Walker in Brisbane and Tamworth

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