Why High Quality Targeted Website Traffic Need High Converting Traffic?

Rohan Mathew

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Sometimes we see users using old templates or plugins that have not received updates for a long time, on their site. In such cases, the coding of these templates generally does not comply with SEO standards and may lead to problems for the site. 

Sometimes I find that the template used to launch a site, although new and up to date in terms of design, is very heavy, its coding is not compatible with SEO standards, and the number of requests to load it is so large that the site has destroyed the user from the beginning without taking a single step forward!

In setting up and running a website, using standard and reliable resources is very important. Aside from optimization, one of the most annoying issues we’ve been seeing lately is that users download multiple templates and plugins from sources that are not trustworthy at all, and after loading these resources, their site becomes severely infected. 

Fixing it is not an easy task at all. All this can be solved by using tested, standard and optimal content.

On the other hand, we sometimes see that the user, with the intention of improving the features of his site, has installed every plugin on his site where he heard a definition of it, and now his site has become a repository of 10 plugins that he does not need at all.

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All of the above will reduce your site traffic in several ways

  • First, having a large number of active plugins on the site that you do not need at all, can slow down the loading of your site and make it difficult for users to load the site. 
  • Second, any of these plugins or templates that are forgotten and not updated can be a hole for malicious people to enter and infect your site. Restarting a hacked or infected site will cause you to lose a lot of traffic that you may not be able to make up for. 
  • Third, if you quickly install a new plugin or template on your site without researching, reviewing, and testing it, you may encounter a number of errors, or the new template and plugin may interfere with your site environment until your web site is reviewed. And fix the problem, get out of reach. So, as it turns out, none of this can be in your favor in any way.

Of course, we do not mean to test anything new, we mean to create a test environment for you to test first, and to avoid testing new content directly on your main site, and secondly to use only content. Get what you really need and make sure it works properly.

Exactly in front of these cases, there is a situation in which a suitable and optimal format for the site is selected and reliable sources are used. In this case, if you combine this suitable template with a cache system, you can expect that the loading speed of your site will increase, its use will be pleasant and easy, and these will lead to need high converting traffic?

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Take Advantage of Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are tools that can indirectly help you increase site traffic. For example, in the Google search console, you can see the keywords in which your site has a good ranking, along with the words in which you have not yet achieved a good ranking. 

In this case, it will be very easy to compare these two categories of keywords and examine the reasons for your strengths and weaknesses in both of these groups. 

Now you may decide to make changes to your site accordingly. After applying these changes and the appropriate time has elapsed, you can easily see the change in your rank in each of the words in the search console and be informed of the impact or ineffectiveness of your changes on the site.

Google Analytics can help you evaluate and increase your site traffic in a similar way. 

  • For example, you can use this tool to find out on which days your site is visited more than ever and make specific decisions for those days. Or you can see what the most visited and least visited content on your site are and based on the information obtained, decide what strategy you need to take to grow your website.

Of course, the information provided to you in the Google and Google Analytics search consoles is not limited to what was mentioned above, and with a little creativity you can extract really valuable information from both of these tools and attract more traffic to your site., Take advantage of them.

Online Advertising and Reporting

Internet advertising, especially if done through the right channels, can dramatically increase your site traffic in a very short period of time. There are several options for online advertising. We are not going to introduce these advertising channels here but note that in order to get good results from online advertising, 

  • firstly, your advertising range must be appropriate.
  • secondly, you must consider a suitable budget for this work. Also, before advertising, think about whether you just want to increase the incoming high quality targeted website traffic to your site or are you looking to attract customers? In each of these cases, the ad channel that is right for your purpose will be different.

Another type of online advertising is reporting. Reportage type advertising is mostly recommended for people who decide to 

  1. introduce the services provided by them to the audience and 
  2. intend to build trust among their audience. Reading a report about your services from a site that a contact trusts will also subconsciously build trust in you. This is true even when the user is fully aware of the advertising nature of the report.