Tips for Men Who Want to Impress without Overdressing

Rohan Mathew

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Making a good first impression is important for everyone. However, problems can arise when we overdo it and end up overdressing to impress. Many guys don’t do it on purpose, but they don’t realize that overdressing can backfire depending on specific circumstances. In this article, we are going to look at how gentlemen can look sharp and impress without overdressing.

Know the Dress Code

A lot of men overdress because they misunderstand the environments that they are going to be spending some time in. If you work in an office where people primarily wear t-shirts and sneakers, wearing a business suit when the occasion does not call for it might make you stand out in a bad way. Wearing clothes that look good on you and that conform to your style while trying to blend in is the best way to strike the right balance.

Upgrade to Higher-Quality Clothing

Clothes that are of a higher quality will always make you look sharper even when you do not layer them. If you take the classic example of a dress shirt, you need to think about the quality of the material and sewing because these are the two things people will notice. You also want clothing that is made for your specific body type because no matter the quality of the clothing you wear, it will look out of place if it does not fit right.

A good rule to remember here is that while you want to impress everywhere you go, not all occasions call for high-quality clothing. While attending a business meeting wearing a bespoke fitted suit would work great, the same cannot be said for volunteering or similar situations.



Many people put so much focus on the clothes they are wearing, that they forget about accessories. Most people will notice the accessories you have on before they notice everything else. Therefore, accessorizing well is a great way to impress without trying. 

The good news is that there are so many options available to men who would like to add a little dazzle to their ensemble. A nice watch is a great way to catch the eye while showing you are a classy gentleman.

Some men are wary of carrying a bag. What they forget is that the type of bag they carry can complement the outfits they wear. A bag can also make you look smarter, organized, and respectable. A messenger bag is a classy option, especially when you match it to your shoes and belt. 

If you are going out on a date, having a nice wallet can be a huge plus. As with other accessories, there are lots of different wallet options, from personalized wallets to designer wallets from Versace. Men can find designer wallets and other accessories from this season’s Versace collection on SSENSE. 

Know Your Fit

The one rule that a lot of men break is wearing clothes that do not fit right. If you want something to look good on you, it has to fit you. Wearing clothes that do not fit well will distort your body shape. For some people, these clothes might make them look shorter.

If you do not know how to choose clothes that fit right, you can get a few bespoke pieces made and use those as a template when shopping. You can also take a fashion-conscious friend the next time you go shopping. If you already own clothes that you think are too big for you, getting a tailor to slim your shirts down or taper your jeans can make a huge difference.

Another great way to accessorize is with a pair of designer shoes. The Jordan 6 British Khaki x Travis Scott releases on April 29, 2021 and features suede and canvas, a stash pouch and new zippored detailing. It is the ultimate way to accessorize any outfit

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Discover Your Colors

Most men do not know what colors work best for them. They only shop for clothes in the colors often thought to be for men such as blues, browns, and black. Talking about colors in this regard means finding colors that complement your skin tone. Colors that contrast with your skin flatter you the most and should be the ones you focus on while you shop. 

Monochrome palettes work for most men and this is why black, white, and gray clothes are so popular. It is also important to think about the psychology behind different suit colors as you shop. Generally, black suits denote you mean business, while a dark gray denotes authority.

Once you find the monochrome colors that work for you, select another piece of clothing that is the opposite on the color wheel. This splash of color makes the rest of the outfit pop and helps reduce monotony.

Choosing the right outfit for you is a great way to look sharp while not overdressing. Remember that your personality should come through because people will see and learn who you are beyond what you have on. Lastly, do not forget to accessorize as that can add some dazzle to your outfit.