Tips On How To Build Links To Your Bankruptcy Law Firm Site

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Tips On How To Build Links To Your Bankruptcy Law Firm Site

Link building is an essential part of your marketing strategy for your bankruptcy law firm site. When done correctly, your link building can improve your SEO ranking and even increase your audience engagement. In the best-case scenario, your linking tactics will deliver quality content to your prospects, which will convert them into paying clients.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is just an extension of the link idea. Instead of originating from your website, as an outbound link, it’s posted on an external website, linking back to your site. A backlink is an essential part of your link-building strategy for your bankruptcy law firm site.

A backlink is effective because it directs traffic to your site, specifically to your post popular and useful content. Your backlinks are also effective ways to improve your search engine optimization (SEO). As you build upon your backlink network across the webs, you’ll continue to improve the conversation across networks.

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Why Do Links Matter?

Outbound links and backlinks are important, but for different reasons. You can link to authoritative sources for your articles and content, or you can work cross-linking into your on-site resources. Then, external sites may decide to link to your site as an authoritative source in return.

Are All Backlinks the Same?

Not all backlinks are of the same value or of benefit to your site. Your bankruptcy law firm site could be listed on all the link farms in the world without improving your rank. While it might seem great to have backlinks on hundreds of sites, what you’re really looking for it to be primarily linked to from reputable sites.

Effective Link-Building Strategies

Link building may seem as simple as throwing up confetti and watching where and how it comes down, but there’s a little more careful strategy and deliberate action involved in the process.

Research & Outreach

Instead of starting with more random or generalized approaches, you should first look at where your competitors are linking to and getting their backlinks in return. You can scope out your competitor’s details by digging into or other SEO tools. Once you’ve reviewed the details on links and backlinks, send an outreach email to see the backlink sites might be open to linking to your site as well. You might also consider asking if they are open to a guest post scenario.

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Guest Posting

A guest post is really just compelling and authoritative content that you create for another site, with a backlink to your site. The best way to start guest posting is to make a list of publications that you follow. Reach out to the publication to see if they accept guest posts and request guidelines for submission if they do.


You can look for opportunities to add your listings on free directories like,,,,, and Bing Places. You might also consider paying to include your bankruptcy law firm site on or Wherever you post or pay to post, be sure that you keep the details up-to-date, and if you’re paying, make sure it’s worth it.

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Your active interaction and communication with your audience on the forums can also be beneficial as a link-building strategy. You can mention your bankruptcy law firm site and also offer advice, which builds your reputation with your audience. Forum posting can be time-consuming and can seem to deliver a diminishing law of returns. So, if you do it, make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Linkable Content

You’re already focusing on delivering engaging content on your bankruptcy law firm site. You might be posting eBooks, quizzes, interviews, infographics, how-to guides, or even videos. As you continue to create and post unique content to your website, with promotion via email and social media, your audience will find it and other websites will link to it.

Hosting Events

When you host local events or participate with local organizations or causes, it’s the perfect opportunity to request backlinks. You can also encourage mentions and interactions via social media and elsewhere across the web. In these instances, it’s the type of content and reputable coverage that will continue to build your credibility beyond the initial scope of the event.

Next Step: Consider Implementing Offsite Promotion

Offsite promotion is a valuable tool to build and improve your SEO presence and ranking. With such a range of different link building strategies to try, you will continue to be able to work toward better optimization for a long time to come. It’s all about working toward your success.

Link building tactics are particularly essential for the SEO strategy on your bankruptcy law firm site because you’re building your credibility and online expertise. As more reputable sites link to you, it’s a conversation. Your audience gets a better sense of why they should choose you as the best option if they want to pursue bankruptcy either now or in the future.