Tips To Find The Right Car Importer

Rohan Mathew

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Finding the right car Importer isn’t rocket science, but even as such, many people still fall into the wrong hands. If you plan to import yourself a new or used vehicle, it is, therefore, crucial that you know how to find the right company to help you. You can patronize Vin’s Automotive Group for the best car deals in Singapore or check on any other reliable car Importer that can offer you an exceptional service. Perhaps you’ve heard of companies importing stolen vehicles for their customers. Such an act often lands the customer in trouble. You really can stay out of such trouble by ensuring you deal with a trusted car Importer. The Right Importer will not only get you a good vehicle with all the necessary documents attached, but they’ll also deliver your vehicle on time. The following are the tips you need to choose the right car Importer:

Seek Referrals

Seeking referrals is one of the best ways to find the right car Importer. Do you know any of your friends, family, neighbors, or your relative who just got their car imported? If yes, seeking the opinion of such people will not be a bad idea. However, be sure that the people you meet have your good interest at heart, so they don’t misguide you. If they’re sincere with you, they’ll tell you about the car Importer that helped bring in their car. They’ll explain to you their experience dealing with such Importers. If they’re offered a satisfactory service, you may want to take note of the company as well. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t rely on only this approach to make your choice of car Importer. If you follow this approach, coupled with others, you should find the right car Importer you need.

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Search Online

Finding information about any car Importer you intend to deal with has been made easier. The world is a global village; hence, you can get every information you need easily, even without meeting the company. You should search the company name, or if you don’t have the right one yet, you can search for the best car Importer in your environment. You’ll find a significant number of Importers if you follow this approach. However, you need to be cautious, so you don’t fall into the wrong hands. This is because not all the companies that appear in your search result are genuinely the best. Therefore, you need to do more research on them.

Read Their Reviews

Once you’ve noted all the car importers you think are right for you, you should proceed to read their reviews. You shouldn’t just rely on the information you found on their site. This is because they’ll all hype their service; hence, the right way to know their real personality is by reading reviews. If their car importation service is not reliable or unsatisfactory, their previous clients will have negative things to say about them, and that is precisely what you will find in their review section. Nevertheless, if their service is reliable, you’ll find a couple of positive comments about them. This can then guide you to decide on which car Importer company is right for you.

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Meet Them

Meeting the car Importer company, you desire to deal with is the next step after you must have been satisfied with the comments you found in their review section online. When you finally get to meet with them, you need to demand clarification on specific issues. You should tell them the make and model of the car you want and ask if they can import it for you. If they respond in the affirmative, you should ask how long it will take for you to get your car. You should also ask whether the vehicle they purchase for you will come with a warranty or not. It is always safer to deal with a car Importer that has confidence in their imported cars, hence, offering a warranty. If you want a new car, some car Importer will opt for importing the vehicle for you from the country of origin. This is another question you should ask — which country is your car coming from? From which company? Is it directly from the car manufactures or from a dealer? You should also ask if they’re licensed or not. However, you should only deal with a licensed car Importer.


You also need to know the price you’ll be paying for the car. However, you should do your independent research to understand the original price of the vehicle before visiting the car Importer.