Tips on Writing an “About” Section for your Team

Albert Howard

Tips on Writing an “About” Section for your Team

Having a beautifully designed website is great. It is an effective way to make a good impression. But it is the content that keeps visitors on a web page. 

As per the cliche, “content is king.” So, you must ensure the content on your site is engaging and valuable. Content like your team’s “About Us” page has to be so good that it resonates well with your audience. 

A well-written About Us page is much like a good story that grabs readers’ attention and awakens their curiosity to continue reading the rest of the story.

We share some simple but effective tips for writing a killer About Us page for your team in this piece. 

1. Show the Faces of Your Team Members

Studies have revealed that people remember faces more than names. 


It turns out that a person’s face and name are stored in different parts of the brain. When the brain has to integrate those two pieces of information, sometimes it fails us.

So, showcase as many team pictures as you can! The best way to showcase your team is to show photos of them doing what they do best – working!  Or you can take inspiration from this firm’s team’s page, on which team members actually move when you hover your mouse over their photos.

2. Explain What Makes You Different

Many companies have an About Us section on their website, which tells the reader about the brand’s history, mission and vision, and founders’ background. Don’t get me wrong, these pieces of information are vital!

But a great About Us page is much more than that. It tells readers what makes your team different from the myriad of competition. You need to give people a reason to spend their money on your product or services and not their current go-to brand(s). 

Tell them how you will solve their problem in a better, faster, cheaper way. For example, if your company specializes in digital marketing, explain how you will reach a broader audience online. Or tell them how you will help them get a better ROI from their marketing budgets. 

3. Tell Your Brand’s Story

Storytelling evokes empathy, and it has been proven to resonate more strongly with consumers. 

Your team’s About Us page is a great place to share your brand’s story with your site’s visitors. A good story can evoke positive emotions in people and help them relate to your brand better. Plus, stories make your brand seem more personable and friendly.  

You can go for a funny brand story or a corporate story; just be sure it resonates with your audience. You can also spice up your narrative by conducting interviews with your team members and customers to add a personal touch to it. 

Tell them how it all started and how it has evolved. Give them a peek at what the future holds.  

4. Define Who Is Your Target Market

Many businesses shy away from stating who they are in business to serve for different reasons. It could be the fear that defining their target customer will limit their scope of growth.  

But if you don’t define who you are in business for, you risk wasting time and resources on marketing efforts that won’t work for your business. Plus, visitors won’t know if you’re the right fit for them.

5. Display Testimonials of Satisfied Clients

Do you know a marketing approach that works every time? Word of mouth advertising! 

Testimonials are a great way to give your site’s visitors a glimpse of what to expect from your product or services. They are proof that it works for others, and it will most likely work for them as well! 

Most importantly, testimonials are a powerful marketing tool that gives your business social proof and credibility. 

6. Guide Your Visitors to Take Action

Why write an About Us page for your website? Isn’t it just a way to share your brand story with your audience? 

Yes, it is! But one advantage an About Us page has over a regular blog is its ability to drive more traffic to your website or social media channels. 

Think about it – your About Us page is a full-page post on your website and is usually not hidden behind a tab or login button. 

People are likely to read it out of curiosity and then click on CTA buttons like “Learn More,” “Contact Us,” or “Sign Up” to learn more or get in touch with your team. So, don’t forget to include CTA buttons on your About Us page!

Final Thoughts

Your team’s About Us page is not just another boring block of text on your website. 

It is a great platform to connect with your visitors and nurture leads by answering all their questions and providing the information they need to make an informed decision about revisiting your website. 

So, take time to write an engaging story and craft a good About page for your team. It will pay off big time!