Tips To Consider For Data Center Design

Rohan Mathew

Tips To Consider For Data Center Design

Data centers are a huge part of the modern networking infrastructure. Also, it is important to understand that all data centers are not designed equally. Because of that, some cutting-edge powerhouses offer good connectivity while others struggle in delivering and maintaining the requirements. That’s why the Data Center design matters a lot, and in this article, you will come across the tips. All these parameters will help in the designing process. They are:


The most important tip is uptime, irrespective of the type of data center. If a specific facility cannot deliver connectivity and reliable power to the hosted network system, it won’t be in business for a long time. A modern colocation data center uses a lot of backup generators to offer sufficient backup power needs. Hiring an expert like STL will help create a proper data center that will deploy uninterrupted power supplies. Also, they will have an idea of the specific terminologies, which will help understand the redundancy needed in a facility.

    Cooling And Power Efficiency

Managing cooling and power efficiency are two complicated challenges faced in most data centers. It happens because of the massive demands of energy of these infrastructures, which grow quickly. It leads to spiraling expenses and environmental concerns. But with a modern data center, energy efficiency can be increased. As per reports, it has been found that global power consumption will grow by 4% through 2020. It has happened all because of the innovation of cooling technology as they are more sophisticated.

    High-Density Deployments

The increase in the power density of server cabinets is also another tip for the consumption of data center power. Power density is necessary for calculating the actual computing performance of a data center. Over the years, the processors have become more powerful and smaller, so the equipment has been channelized into server cabinets. As with time, when the processing-intensive big data workload keeps increasing, a data center’s high-density capacity is a must-have feature.

    The Place To Design The Data Center

Most importantly, it is required to analyze the climatic condition before setting up the new data center. It will help determine the necessary cooling measures needed, like mechanics, refrigeration, water-cooled units, natural air cooling, air conditioner, adiabatic cooling, indirect air cooling, and many more. All these things will help in achieving the goals of a successful data center.

    Which Level Do You Need?

The data center tier level will determine its power distribution paths and redundancy requirements. For a Tier 2 facility, you have to deploy the power cooling and supply equipment redundancy, and it should be of “N + 1” architecture. A Tier 3 facility includes a dual power supply and redundancy, “N + 1” cooling equipment, and independent dual power distribution racks.

    The Dimension And Number Of Racks Needed

The dimension and number of racks will help in determining the requirements of the space. Also, check the size of the racks that will fit the dimensions and can be accommodated in the space. Finding out the number of racks, their sizes, and the number of racks will help use the space efficiently.

    Leaving Room For Growth

Creating a data center is expensive, so while designing one, it is better to leave room for growth. It will be helpful when your business is growing and the data center’s size needs to be extended. Make sure to keep the floorspace into consideration. How many square feet is needed for the data center? Do you expect to grow over time? Also, checking the additional cooling requirements needed for the space is important to check.

    Eliminate Factors Being Affected By External And Internal Factors

A huge problem with the data center is the inability to identify the differences in preferences, tendencies, constraints, and restrictions to abide by the scientific design principles. In the process of decision-making and approval, it is important to include an individual’s decision and opinions which will help in meeting the final requirement.

Final Thoughts

Planning is important when it comes to designing a data center. A proper plan with all the tips listed above will help develop a proper data center. Additionally, professionals must always keep room for scope for the future.