Tips to follow while moving to an Assisted Living Facility

Rohan Mathew

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Moving is not something most of us enjoy. The tedious process can take toll over the mental and physical wellness of anyone, irrespective of the age. Moving, even in normal times, is not a very exciting experience to look forward. The complicated process becomes even more troublesome when you are moving yourself, or a dear one to a nursing care center or an assisted living facility. Sadly, there come time when there is no other option that seeking refuge in such facilities.

If you too are dealing with some problems or have a family member that needs professional care and supervision, you must not delay your plans to move to a nursing care center or an assisted living facility. Now let us not forget that this would certainly be a tough process. As we understand the plight, here we have compiled a list ofthe best tips to help you make the move easier. From asking for help to the ways to compare local movers, we have covered it all.

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Step one: prepare yourself for the move

Although, most of the time the move to an assisted facility would be unexpected, there is still a chance you can prepare for it. Before the moving day comer around, take put some time to go through your belongings and check what items you need to take along and what all can be left behind. If you can be kind, you must donate all the items that are no more of use to you. If you are able to take some time out and downsize the inventory, it proves as great help in making the moving process easier and simpler.

If you have a large inventory, categories them in ABC piles. A pile is for items you would take along, B pile is for clothes you wish to donate and C pile is for items that are obsolete. You can always keep some items in storage units if you cannot take them along.

Step two: Seek professional help

Elderly person are not advised to move on their own. This is why it is important to call for some help. If you have adult children living close, you must ask them to come and help you. Your children can help you with a range of things including downsizing, planning the floor layout, checking if the furniture would fit in or not and many such things.

Calling professional moving service provider is another great way to seek help. The professional movers will take charge of the move and ensure that you have a smooth and stress free moving experience.

Step three: Make a schedule

Now, as you have made arrangement for the moving day, you must start with planning the moving day itself. A schedule is what will help you keep track of your progress. You cannot expect the day to go smoothly if you do not know what to do when one of the tasks is finished. The schedule must also include tasks that are must to do before and after the move. For example, adding a task for transferring utilities is one way to make the moving process organized. You must follow this schedule and ensure that you check one box after another.

Finding the right moving help:

Professional moving service providers play a crucial role in making your relocation to an assisted living facility easier. However, if you fail to choose a credible moving service, you can end up in great trouble. The moving process already takes a toll on your mental health, makingit cumbersome with poor planning or having no professional assistance can make the process even worse. Here are a few moving tips that will help you choose the right service provider.

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  • Check the company profile:

The first thing you must do is to check the company background. Not all moving companies are reliable enough to trust for your wellbeing. Make sure you know the background of the moving services provider before you engage with them.

  • Check for expertise:

A moving company that has not handled a move to an assisted living facility is not the one you should trust. Such a moving company has no experience in moving elderly people and may lack the required skills and compassion.

  • Know the price:

Price is of great essence as some rogue movers can overcharge you at any time. You can always ask for a moving quote and compare the prices to ensure that the moving company you choose is affordable and credible.

Moving to an assisted living facility is a big decision in itself. While you cannot avoid moving to a nursing care center, you can always make the transition easier. Use this guide to ensure that your move to the assisted living facility is simpler and stress free. By choosing the best moving company and organizing the entire process you can have a great start of the new phase of life.