Tips to Select the Right King Size Bed Sheets for Your Home

Rohan Mathew

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You’ll be spending nearly one-third of your day on the bed, so why not make it comfortable? It is easy to imagine a mattress that feels exquisitely soft, has breathable fabrics, and is naturally textured. Yet, you’re in a dilemma when it comes to picking king size bed sheets for your home.

More often than not, you begin researching, only to fall down a rabbit hole. There are too many options and too many decisions to make. You’ll be facing a variety of industry jargon, a plethora of fabrics, and claims that seem too good to be true.

However, worry not because picking a bed sheet becomes a smooth process when you consult this guide before your next purchase.

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Check the Fiber Content

Bedsheets are made using different materials and differ in their comfort and durability.

  • Cotton: It is the most popular fabric choice when it comes to sheets. 100% cotton sheets are natural, breathable, and help to wick away moisture from your skin. The length of each fibre may vary, and hence they are classified into being a short-staple and long-staple. The longer the fibre length, the higher will be the quality of your sheet.
  • Cotton Blend: These sheets mix cotton with synthetic and natural materials to give you the ultimate comfort. While cotton fibres are breathable, synthetic fibres are durable, affordable, and wrinkle resistant.
  • Satin: These sheets give you a smooth touch and showcase a stain sheen. Satin sheets are considered a luxury and are produced from natural or synthetic fibres like polyester, wool, cotton, acetate, silk, or a blend of these fabrics. They provide a cooling effect and make heated up nights bearable. These sheets are highly durable, and depending on the material, are affordably priced.

Check the Thread Count: The thread count is nothing but the number of threads found per square inch and refers to the weave’s tightness. The higher the thread count, the tighter will be the weave. This leads to softer sheets that are more durable over time.

Sheets having a thread count of 140-180 are considered muslin, while all others are percale. Percale sheets mostly have a thread count ranging between 180-200. However, higher-quality sheets may come with 250-300 thread count and gives you a silky touch, and those with 300-400 thread count are considered a luxury.

Should You Make High Thread Count A Criteria for Bedsheet Selection?

Contrary to popular beliefs, higher thread counts need not always imply better quality. In some cases, it may be a trick to have you spend more money. While the minimum thread count should be 200, look for the mid-range of about 300 to 450 while buying king size bed sheets. That said, be wary of those sheets claiming to have an astronomical thread count of 1000 and above.

Inquire About Their Care

Regardless of the bedsheet material or thread count, all sheets require the same levels of laundering. Yet, few materials fare better over time and with multiple washes. Weaves with long fibres and thicker fabrics have a distinct advantage over microfiber sheets in this regard. Cotton sheets are also highly rated when it comes to ease of maintenance.

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Look for a Fine Quality Finishing

bedsheets often undergo chemical treatment to maintain their shape and avoid developing wrinkles. You can find organic cotton sheets that come with pure finishing in this scenario, meaning they are chemical-free. They are a popular choice among customers, even though they wrinkle more easily than their chemical counterparts. However, this choice is purely personal, and you may decide to feel the sheet before purchasing.

The Dye

Sheets are applied with colours and patterns after they have been woven. Hence, you may feel the sheet to be stiff until it is treated with a couple of washes. The softest patterned or coloured sheets are made from yarn-dried fabrics and woven from coloured yarns.

Choose the Right Colour

The colour of your bedsheets largely influences your room’s ambiance. For instance, if your room has bright curtains, consider selecting sheets with similar colour shades. It is one of the easiest ways to deck up your room and make it appealing. Having pets and kids at home may call for selecting sheets that feature darker shades. This way, you’ll be spared from washing the sheets too often.

Don’t Forget to Measure the Bed

Even though you are buying sheets for your king-sized bed, the standard bed measurements differ from one manufacturer to another. Hence, measure the dimensions of your bed from side to side and from top to bottom. Mattress thickness and shrinkage that occurs after laundering must also be considered during your bed sheet shopping.

Choosing king size bed sheets that last and make you feel great is a matter of making some wise moves. Skip the guesswork and follow these rules that will help you make the finest pick. Armed with proper bedding, you can add depth and character to the room most affordably and easily.