How Data Bear Helps Companies Get To The Next Level Through Data Analytics

Rohan Mathew

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How Data Bear Helps Companies Get To The Next Level Through Data Analytics

Nowadays, when the Internet allows everyone to do business globally, it seems like the opportunity is there for those who can seize it. At the same time, however, there’s more competition than ever before, for exactly the same reason. Everyone is fighting for the same audience, and staying afloat is not an easy task. Companies need every help and advantage they get, advanced data analytics being one of them.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics, London-based company Data Bear has helped dozens of businesses skyrocket their productivity by implementing various data-savvy solutions into their workflow. 

Cloud-based tools such as Microsoft Power BI help organizations collect data and use it to the full extent. Power BI gathers data from different sources, processes it together, and makes actionable reports you can immediately put to good use. It allows your team members to ask questions in natural language and get data-driven answers. That means even team members who are not that tech-savvy can improve their decision making with Power BI.

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Just like Excel and Word, Power BI is a part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, which means it will already feel familiar, even if you haven’t used it before. Because of this, implementing Power BI into your workflow will be much easier, especially if your team members are already comfortable with Excel. 

Once you set it up correctly, Power BI will allow your team to make better decisions on a daily level. Instead of guessing and making assumptions, each of your employees can ask questions, and get direct, data-driven answers in Power BI. The process is super fast, and once trained, each team member can start making data-driven decisions in minutes. Not only they will eliminate guesswork and make more precise decisions, they will also make them faster. In other words, Power BI enables your team to make better decisions in less time, all of this without a separate IT department that would only deal with data processing.

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Data Bear is there to help your company get started with Microsoft Power BI. Through their advanced Power BI training, Data Bear will ensure each of your team members knows how to use the platform correctly. Also, Data Bear will teach your data engineers how to accurately set up the software and ensure the end-user gets the needed information in the reports Power BI produces after the questions are entered. 

Besides Power BI training, Data Bear provides several other advanced BI solutions. Depending on your business needs, you may want to improve the existing data infrastructure and make it ready for the future through data warehousing or implement an entire Microsoft cloud-based ecosystem by combining Power BI, Microsoft Power Platform and Azure, all into one solution. If you want to fully embrace the data culture, partnering up with Data Bear is the right first step.