Most important tenets of amazing Internet Customer Service

Rohan Mathew

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Customer support serves as a base for the success of every other company. This is the area where all successful companies pay a ton of attention. According to a study, around 89% of organizations compete based on customer experience alone. Customers are not only attracted to a great product but tend to buy from companies that go the extra mile to make customer service satisfactory. Similarly, with a lot of ISPs out there with several features and bundles, the easiest way to select a new one would be to ask its current customers about their experience regarding customer support. Customer service is all about individual interactions and making them realize that they have all the resources and support whenever needed.

 Let’s cover 4 core tenets of remarkable internet customer service to answer the question most of the business still ask, how to thrill your customers?

Reduce their Work

The last thing people want is complicated procedures and demands. The main factor to increase customer loyalty is by reducing their work in solving their problems. You fulfill the essential standards of good customer care when you explain to clients how to troubleshoot issues they are encountering. Every business attempts to achieve this level of cooperation. But, most customers are unable to make progress because of the lack of technicalities. This is one edge proactive organizations like AT&T Internet have over others because they are willing to take customers’ issues upon themselves and try to resolve the matter as soon as possible. 

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Offering Personalized Services

Like every business want to stand out in the marketplace, clients want to feel the same thing by standing out from others. Clients should be made the utmost priority. Your front desk agents should always greet the guest with a big smile or pick up the call immediately if a client reaches out with a question. Agents should be qualified to give the customer all the attention they want to make him feel unique. By taking care of his agenda and supplying him with all the requisite details while attempting to reduce the length of hold time, this could be articulated. 

While, it may not be possible to remember thousands of customers individually by the human brain, as it could only keep a few names. Companies are using artificial intelligence technologies such as chatbots to create personal connections with customers. This is evident in the personalized services they provide. Bots work by collecting online data of customers and make use of the details in subsequent transactions. From the databases, they streamline information to customers ensuring that only appropriate suggestions are presented that they might be interested in. Through this concerted intervention, the consumer no longer feels like a stranger but one that the company understands. 

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Minimizing the wait time

Nobody likes to wait in long queues. Waiting time further exceeds when you are in distress. Customers only call or approach the support team whenever there is an issue that makes them frustrated, so it’s better to resolve their issues as quickly as possible. Customers are used to the intimacy of new technologies and expect nothing less in their business’s experiences. In simple words, they expect you to utilize the many available technologies, failure to do so will make you incompetent. Speed is a key factor in customer loyalty. Businesses mostly make the common mistake of gaining new customers without adequately managing current customers. As their client base expands, they find it difficult to respond to their clients, making latent lapses apparent beforehand. Good quality, without a doubt, holds a valuable position in the market, but a customer experience survey indicates consumers rate a timely response higher than performance. If you are going to take the whole day to address their problems, they’d rather try somewhere else where they’re going to get a quicker response. In both cases, they get what they want but the latter puts more emphasis on their time.

Appreciate them

With a relentless commitment to create leads and boost revenue, companies are always focused on attracting new clients, neglecting their existing ones. It is estimated that it costs about five to six times more to attract a new customer than to maintain a current one. Even small gestures like saying “thank you” to your clients for every effort they’ve made, makes them feel valued. Moreover, don’t just say but show them that you mean it by going the extra mile. Offer them discounts, promotions, and give incentives on referral. 


Satisfied customers are the most significant representatives any company can have. They willingly spread the word about your company, without any rewards. Ninety-two percent of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family according to a Nielsen survey. With this in mind, you don’t have to spend too much money on ads to succeed, just stick to the basic drill.