Top 5 90’s Nostalgia Sunday Night Disney Movies

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Do you remember excitedly sitting down in front of the television on Sunday nights and turning on your cable TV provider to watch that Sunday’s featured Disney movie? Or begging your parents to stay up past your bedtime to see the whole movie? 90’s kids remember. Join us as we’re about to go down memory lane and get real nostalgic over here. Let’s recap the top five The Wonderful World of Disney Sunday movies of all time right now.

  1. Space Jam

Released On: November 10, 1996

Space Jam is an iconic sports comedy film starring famous basketball player Michael Jordan. The movie is a story about how the Looney Tunes gets recruit Michael Jordan into to playing in a basketball game against a group of aliens.

Fans of Space Jam will be happy to learn that they can watch the movie on Prime Video and that there is a Space Jam 2 in the works called Space Jam: A New Legacy due to be released in theaters this summer. A fun fact about Space Jam is the Space Jam website we all knew and loved is still up in its 90’s glory for all to visit.

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  1. Matilda

Released On: July 28, 1996

Matilda is a story about a girl named Matilda with very special telekinetic abilities and her journey from suffering with dysfunctional parents and a terrifying school principal into a wonderful childhood. Fans of the classic will be stoked to find out that one of their favorite movies is available for streaming on Sling.

Fun fact: Matilda is based off of a book written by Roald Dahl. It’s been adapted into the movie, but also into an audio reading and musical.

 Toy Story

Released On: November 22, 1995

Toy Story stars Tom Hanks as Woody, a cowboy toy favored by his owner Andy until his parents buy him a Buzz Lightyear action figure as a birthday present. The movie highlights Andy’s growth into a young man while shining a light on the secret life of toys when people are not around to see them alive.Toy Story fanatics can find the whole series including Toy Story one through four streaming on Disney+.

Fun fact:  Buzz Lightyear is actually named after famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin. If you’re unfamiliar, Buzz Aldrin was one of the first men to ever walk the moon.

  1. Flubber

Released On: November 26, 1997

Flubber starring Robin Williams as absent minded scientist named Professor Philip Brainard who accidentally discovers a green ultra-elastic like substance he calls “flubber” that bounces and has minds of its own. The movie is the classic slapstick humor that Robin Williams is known for. Flubber and Robin Williams fans can find the movie streaming on Disney+ now and every once and a while on the Disney channel from your TV provider.

Fun fact: 90’s kids know the 1997 version Flubber to be the only movie there was. However there’s two movies preceding it in the 1960’s.

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  1. Harriet The Spy

Released On: July 10, 1996

Harriet The Spy is a story about Harriet, a child investigative spy who takes her private notebook with her wherever she goes. Harriet follows all leads, asks all questions and wants to see the whole world and writes down everything. Unfortunately fans will have a hard time finding this movie to watch. It’s been removed from Amazon Prime Video, but is currently available to rent on YouTube, iTunes and Vudu.

Fun fact: Harriet The Spy was Nickelodeon’s very first motion picture. The story is a movie adaptation from the children’s book Harriet The Spy authored by Louise Fitzhugh.