Do start-up businesses need HR software?

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

When you’re starting your own business, your to-do list can seem endless as you need to tick off all sorts of tasks including stock, supply chains, utility bills and staff. And it’s often something you’ll take on your own shoulder, if only to save time and money at this most critical point in the development of your business.

But there is definitely a case to suggest that taking on all this work can be counterproductive – the more tasks you take on, the less you’ll be able to focus on the day-to-day running of your business – and this is where HR software can help.

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What is HR software?

HR software or HR systems streamline HR processes, such as hiring, training, and payroll, and will also store personal information and important documents, making them easier to manage and access. 

This level of automation and streamlining can be invaluable when starting a business, as carrying out these essential tasks electronically can greatly reduce the amount of admin you need to deal with.

Here are some reasons why your start-up should consider utilising HR software.

You people are your most important asset

When running a business, your people are your most important asset, but with so many things to consider as you get things up and running, they’re also often the first thing to get neglected – you’ve employed them to do a job, so they can take care of themselves, right?

Not necessarily. Whether you employ one person or 50 people, the same laws apply to your business and you need to have clearly defined, formal working agreements in place. You also need to be able to communicate with all staff and keep a handle on holidays, absences and payroll.

All of which can be a massive headache if you try to take it on manually. Using HR software can streamline these HR processes, and make them easier to manage and access, giving employees an overview where necessary and taking the admin out of your hands.

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Data protection is vital

Data protection should also be a priority when hiring staff. As part of the onboarding process, you’ll need to take a great deal of personal and financial information from your staff – if any of it is compromised, you could find yourself with a number of potentially crippling lawsuits on your hands. 

Simply keeping their details in a spreadsheet on your smartphone or laptop is not an option.

HR management systems (HRMS) or HR information systems (HRIS) such as CIPHR offer secure cloud-based storage solutions to keep all of your data secure and reduce the risk of any breaches. 

Cut down on admin

It’s easy to underestimate the amount of admin you need to take on when you start up your own business – if you don’t get to grips with it early on, you’ll be drowning under the weight of invoices, bills, tax returns, receipts and wages slips.

This is where integrated HR and payroll software can help, as it simplifies the upkeep of employee data, and reduces the amount of manual work needed to run payroll. It also helps to improve the accuracy and security of your data.