Top 5 Best Tips for The Everest Base Camp Trek

Rohan Mathew

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Everest Base Camp Trek is an iconic trek that is assembled with adventure, fun, spectacular mountain views, and culture. One opting this trek can enjoy the glory of nature and culture perfectly balanced with a touch of adventure in it. It is a definitive Himalayan trek that offers the adventurous spirits when flying into Lukla which is considered to be one of the scariest airports in the world. Similarly, the journey encompasses breathless and stunning alpine landscapes and natural bliss as you approach the foot of the Mt. Everest. And not to forget the vibrant essence of Namche bazaar that is closest to the city in all of Khumbu valley.

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Similarly, the journey entails passing many rural and traditional villages that showcases mountain life and Himalayan Sherpa culture. Likewise, one will be able to witness the glorious snowcapped mountain in shade or orange as the first ray of sun falls on these pinnacles from Kala Patthar.

On the whole, the Everest Base Camp Trek is a whole package of extraordinary mountain vistas and scenic villages. So, for those, looking to indulge this great experience, we have brought 5 best tips for the Everest Base Camp Trek. So that one can enhance their experience in the Himalayas with prior preparation.

So, without any further delays let’s explore these 5 best tips for the EBC trek:

Always mind the altitude

One who is looking to do trekking on Everest, should be always mindful that it is a high-altitude trek. No matter what your itinerary is or up to where your destination is in Khumbu valley, make sure you do not go overboard on gaining altitude. You must not climb more than 400-500m a day. Please take rest after trekking for 600-900m. With that, taking rest is a must in between the journey and rushing the trek only invites unwanted mishaps.

Staying hydrated is very important.

Make sure to drink at least 3 -4 liters of water every day. Staying hydrated helps to avoid altitude sickness and is one of the best remedies for the illness too. With staying hydrated, consuming alcoholic’s drinks and heavy meals like oil fried snacks, non-veg’s meals are too discouraged. They help in indigestion and discomfort.

It literally costs you money for every service.

It will be quite astounding for some people to find a vast range of services in such a remote place. You will find everything for your comfort but it comes with a price. For instance, to charge phones or any electrical devices or using internet services or WIFI or to have a hot shower bath, all will cost you money depending upon the location. And please be mindful that, foreign currency is not accepted in Everest trail. So, exchange your currency to Nepalese rupees.

 Choose your best time

Everest Base Camp is one of those treks in Nepal that is active all through the year. Hence one can enjoy the magnificence of the mountains whenever they like. Nonetheless, trekking during summer/monsoon and winter has their own perks which will test your endurance level. Monsoon (June to August) being wet and rainy, may delay your trek due to bad weather and flight cancellation as well as delays. And on the other hand, winter (December to February) on Everest is quite extreme and testing too.

On the contrary, the best weather and the biggest crowds are in autumn (October to November), when skies are clear and temperatures are bearable at higher altitudes. Spring (March to April) is quieter time to visit, and best time to encounter the lush green surroundings. So, it is wise to decide time before making the plans. As every season offers different delights of Khumbu.

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Having right gear is key to the comfortable trek

It is utmost important to have right gear when trekking in the rough terrain of Nepal. So, if you have nice gear then it is very good. But if you don’t also, do not worry. Because there are plenty of shops in Nepal that rent out trekking gears to the trekkers. Shops in Namche Bazaar sell almost anything you could want, including a full range of trekking and climbing equipment.

These are some of the best tips for Everest Base Camp trek. Besides the above-mentioned tips, it is also important to go through a trekking operator in Nepal. Because, not only do they know what you are looking to do they also know how to operate a trek seamlessly. There are huge numbers of the travel operators in Nepal, you can search them via internet and cross check their online reviews to learn the credibility of the agencies before signup the trip.

Overall, Everest base Camp trek is an excellent excursion, we hope tips would come handy while you are there yourself.