Top 5 Countries to Study Chemical Engineering

Albert Howard

Top 5 Countries to Study Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a part of the engineering field, which primarily provides practical knowledge to deal with various types of chemicals, and the courses in this stream will help an individual to become a professional chemical engineer. Candidates in this course generally learn concepts about fluid mechanics and various chemical process modeling. Individuals aspiring to pursue a career in the sectors like chemical industry, product manufacturing, and chemical processing, generally opt for this course.

And a great thing about chemical engineering is that the course is available at all levels including certificate, diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate. Candidates can also pursue their diploma and certificate courses from various websites, that create online courses.

But when the matter comes to pursuing either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in chemical engineering, students get confused about which college to go for. Well, if you’re desiring to get a world-class education, and study in the best universities all over the world, then you have to go abroad. You might be thinking that there are several countries which are well-known for delivering education in this subject. So, to help you decide, which country’s institutes will be best for you, we’ve discussed the top 5, to study chemical engineering.

United States of America

The country that leads in terms of providing world-class education in chemical engineering is the United States of America. Not only in delivering education, but it also comes at the top in terms of producing chemical products. The country not only has some of the best chemical engineering universities, but it also consists of some of the multinational companies’ headquarters in this sector including Colgate, Lever, Brothers, etc., increasing the rate of job opportunities eventually. Some of the top universities for learning chemical engineering in the USA are MIT, Harvard University, Stanford University, etc.


Switzerland is also one of the most popular destinations to study chemical engineering. The beauty of the country is indeed a factor to go there and study, but in addition to that, learning engineering in this country opens up endless opportunities to the freshers. Even not only in the chemical field, but every engineering sector has a high demand for candidates who have attained their degrees from reputed colleges and universities. 

The nation is the home to nine-world class universities, having strong international reputations, for which the place welcomes thousands of international students every year. Some of the top colleges for studying chemical engineering in Switzerland are the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich, etc.


German Universities are one of the best educational institutes all over the globe, and chemical engineering isn’t an exception. If you’re not planning to take your education from the best platform to sell online courses, then it is recommended to go to Germany to take up your education. 

The German institutes will provide you top-education quality, hands-on experience, and several opportunities to progress intellectually and settle a career in this country. And the greatest advantage of pursuing education here is that tuition cost is absolutely free. Some of the top colleges for learning chemical engineering in Germany are the Technical University of Munich, TU Dortmund University, etc.


China is also among the top countries in this regard, as the chemical engineering programs are highly specialized in this country. Not only some world-class universities are present here, but the nation also provides multiple job opportunities to international candidates once they finish their degrees. Besides, students have a wide choice of opportunities to choose which institute to opt for, as plenty of them are available. Some of the top colleges for learning chemical engineering in China are the University of Beijing of Chemical Technology, Peking University, etc.


Russia also comes among the top countries in this list, as chemical engineering is given a priority in this country. Tuition rates are affordable in this country, which attracts several international students, and rather the quality of education provided is extremely high. In addition to that, students also get access to modern campus facilities, excellent infrastructures, etc., which encourages learning the subject. Some of the top universities for learning chemical engineering in Russia are National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Novosibirsk State University, etc.