Top 5 Spy Apps for Android Cell Phones in 2020

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Spy apps for android cellphones are floating on the web these days. People are trying to get their hands on the best one in the business. I am wondering every application these days advertising itself as the no. 1 in the online business. So, the question arises which one would be the ultimate one and what factors you need to keep in mind before you get your hands on the monitoring apps for digital phones. Parents want to keep tabs of their children when they spend most of their time on android phones connected to cyberspace. Secondly, employers’ community is conscious enough to know what employees are up to on business owned phones during working hours to make sure business safety.

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Best Android spying software in 2020

Today I am going to review the top 5 spying applications for Android cellphones of 2020 based on the features, installation, exclusive features, and OS support. Take a look at the following mentioned applications.


It is one of the most advanced and powerful spy apps for android these days. Its function to set parental control on teens’ digital phone and tablet devices to make sure kids online safely. However, it is arguably equally beneficial for employers to keep an eye on employee business owned phones connected to the cyberspace. You can install spy software on the target android device and get access to the online dashboard to use its robust features.

You can use call recording, screen recording, screenshots, keystrokes, social media monitoring, GPS location tracking, and remote spy features to block the internet, messages, and incoming calls. However, you can use its exclusive features like IM’s call recording; retrieve WhatsApp messages without root and screen-time. You need to have physical access on target phone to start the process of installation and activate the web portal and use its features and upload the information.


It is a comparatively new spy product for android compare to the others. However, its features and time-results have become the talk of the town. You can install on the cellphone device of your child, employees, and individuals. You can its state of the art features like call logs, IM’s logs, screenshots, keystrokes, screen recorder, GPS tracking, and internet history. Android spy is user–friendly, easy to set up, and easy to navigate on the target device. You can use the features and upload the target device information to the dashboard and analyze it for parenting online and for many other activities.


It is among the top spy app brats of the current centaury for android cellphones. You can install it on someone’s phone and monitor every activity performed on the target device. The application is user –friendly and easy to activate on target cellphone device. It is pack with dozens of parental control features that you can use on your kid’s mobile devices to keep an eye on their online activities. From call recording to social media logs and form keystrokes to live GPS location tracking. Every feature is well-built and result-oriented. You can also use it for spying employees business owned devices to make sure the business safety.


It is known as the most powerful and undetectable android spy app for cellphones and tablet devices. You can remotely monitor any phone connected to cyberspace if you have already set up the application on the target device. Users can get rid of parental concerns because of their cellphone addicts’ teens. You can keep tabs of your teens on the digital world in real-time and remotely block and control the activities using its online dashboard. You can use phone calls, media files, web history, track location, remote updates, social media, and IM apps features.

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Highster Mobile

The particular Android spying software can provide you the ultimate way to look after your kids safe and your employees productive. You can install cellphone spy software for android on the target device and get access to the online web control panel. You can use features like text messages spy, social media spy, live control panel, browser history, stealth camera, and many others alike. You can use the powerful features to stay updated about your teens online rather than to make arguments with teens.

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We have discussed a short review of Top 5 android spying apps for cellphones that are best in the business these days. You can use these powerful and worth buying software to keep your kids safe and to make your employees productive.