Top 5 Tips To Survive Nursing School

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In This Article, We Are Going To Discuss Top 5 Tips To Survive Nursing School

Nursing is a good start to a healthcare career because being a nurse is a badge of honor. Especially, when the healthcare industry is in desperate need of qualified and dedicated providers. People will look at you for hope and they respect and admire your skills.

Enrolling into a nursing program is a long journey with many steps ahead along the way — pursuing your degree, passing your National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) exam, and finally earning your Registered Nurse (RN) license.

The very first step of starting your nursing school can be a daunting task. All your schedule, time management, exhausting classes, and practices… instead of telling you how hard and time-consuming your nursing school can be, here we’ve rounded up a few great tips to help you get on your right foot. Ready? Let’s take a look:

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  • Get Organized First

As soon as you get to know the clear idea of what classes you will be taking and what books and study other materials you’ll need, it’s time to get an organizational system in place. You can opt for a color-coding or create your own time table. If you are choosing a color-coding strategy then you can assign each course a specific color.

Then, buy all your notebooks, folders, binders, and other study materials for each class in that specific color. If you can’t find that specific color for each thing, try using tapes, sketches, or paper to cover them.

You can also organize your study time using a planner or calendar. You can create a digital version of your planner as it will be easier to carry around. Make sure you use it consistently and stick to your organization plans.

Never leave an important date or assignment behind – update your planner each day with assignments, projects, and exams. Also, don’t forget to find some time for recreation and relaxing – those times will help you recharge!

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List Of Top 5 Tips To Survive Nursing School

There Are Top 5 Tips To Survive Nursing School Below

  • Join A Study Group Immediately

Nursing is indeed a very collaborative field where you will be helping your patients get well soon. And it’s also a good idea to get a jumpstart on teamwork by setting up a study group as early as possible.

Being in a study group or finding a good study buddy will dramatically boost your happiness and productivity during hard school days. Not only will your friends provide emotional, mental, and social support, but you will have much proper knowledge and experience of other nursing students who are in the same boat as you. 

It’s the most important thing – finding someone who is really equally as motivated as you are! If you have doubts, clear them first and move on to the next topic. Never skimp on reading the textbook. There’s no way getting around it. Plan ahead and think about what you’re going to study before you dive into your textbook and notes. Being in a study group will help you to get the idea from different perspectives!


  • Utilize Technology And Take Notes

At first, you may feel a little silly carrying your notes all the time. But carry around a small booklet and pen or a smart device to take notes when you need to. If you can, install applications that will help you to take notes for your future reference. You can make use of these free nursing student apps, MediCode, MedCalc, QxMD, and so much more that you can use as reference! 

Trying to memorize all the information you are taught is nearly impossible and stressful, so don’t force yourself to try. Always take notes on your class, you might not know when this will come in handy! Keep your assessment tools like stethoscopes and thermometers with you all the time to make the workload more efficient and easier.

  • Keep Your Goal In mind

Stress can be tricky. You have all the freedom to spend your weekend as you like but sometimes the stress can be tricky and you might feel like you need a break from all these exhausting events. Taking a break from your study is okay, but do not create a hobby out of it.

Especially, when you are in the middle of one of those stressful periods in your life where you feel there is just no way to get through what you are currently going through, just take a minute. Take a step back and look at your problem for what it is and what you can do here. Think of possible solutions and how you can clear your mind.

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You may be facing a large or a small concern at this moment, such as not preparing for your exam, keep one thing in mind: you will get through this. If it feels like too much pressure on your health, talk to a fellow colleague or talk with one of the healthcare staff. There is still a good life waiting for you after your high school and it’s a pretty good one too.

  • Take Care Of Yourself

Nursing school can be so demanding that it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself. Your own healthcare priorities might change into studying, tests, assignments, and grades. That’s all okay, but don’t forget that you have to take care of yourself first to keep active in your nursing days. Your physical health is of utmost importance, so make sure you’re treating your body right. Get enough sleep, at least try to get enough sleep between 7-9 hours. Stick to a sleeping time and always stick to the plan.

It may seem very difficult to take some time for yourself between all the difficult time schedules and work, you might feel like taking care of yourself is unnecessary, but they are the basic energy that will help you in the long run. Make sure you are eating healthy meals each day and that you’re getting enough nutrients to keep you going.

Stay hydrated and try to avoid carbonated energy drinks and soda, even on your most tiring days. Too much caffeine can cause anxiety issues. If you do need a caffeine boost, choose between green tea or black coffee, and avoid sugar. Get at least 30 minutes of real exercise each day.

Preparing for your nursing school may seem hard, but if you create and follow a well defined time management pattern, you will never know all the stress that other students are talking about. With a good time management plan, hard work, and a determined attitude, you can not only survive but thrive in your nursing college days.

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