Top 5 Treadmills to Lose Weight 

Rohan Mathew


If you want to lose weight or get in shape for sure it is good for you to read these tips that we give you.

Losing weight is a quality of life and you can achieve it.

Well, you can also achieve all that from home with a treadmill.

A treadmill is a fairly simple machine that allows the user to perform running training within their own home. It is basically made up of two parts:

A base on which the belt is arranged, which is rotating at the selected speed and on which it is run. Some front rails to which a console is attached with the machine controls.

For any running fan, having a treadmill at home is a great help. Not only because it is the way to continue exercising when you cannot leave the house or when you do not have much time, but also because with it you can monitor your effort. And just as fundamental that the treadmill is the most suitable for the user’s needs, since not all of us require the same benefits.

Recommended models of treadmills

The best treadmill brands are, without a doubt, Sportstech in the higher ranges, while in the mid and lower ranges the position is more disputed and Fitfiu and Cecotec are the ones that lead the market. Here are the main characteristics of some of the most interesting treadmill models today.

Cecotec RunnerFit Step Black (foldable and good quality)

The Cecotec Runnerfit Step Black is another folding treadmill with similar features to the Extreme Track but more suitable for beginners.

The cheapest of the present selection does not even reach and, although it shares the console configuration with the Extreme Track, with 12 training programs and activity monitoring, it is somewhat less powerful.

It supports, like this one, 120 kg of weight and the size of its surface is 22 x 132 x 64 cm.

The best thing about it is that it allows beginner and intermediate users to work on it, as long as they do not exceed five feet in height.

Fitfiu MC200 folding treadmill

The most important of the positive points of the Fitfiu MC200 is the motor, which has a power of 1.5 HP and manages to move the belt at a speed of up to 14 km per hour. This implies that it is not only suitable for beginners, but can also be used by medium-level users who want a certain intensity in their workouts, as long as they do not require simulating unevenness, because this machine simply cannot be tilted.

In any case, the maximum daily use of the tape is about 30 minutes, so if the idea is to carry out long sessions it is not the best option.

On the contrary, the Fitfiu MC200 is the one that supports the least weight of all those in the present selection, since it can only be used by people up to 90 Kg , and it has the same wingspan as the Sportstech F10 (110 x 40 cm), thus It is not suitable for tall people who require more space for their strides.

Of course, that size influences its weight (only 30 kg) and its manageability when folding it (folding is manual, so the less it weighs, the better) and storing it, that is always secondary. Nobody buys a treadmill just looking at how easy it is to store, right?

Cecotec Extreme Track (Professional and folding treadmill)

The Cecotec Extreme Track is a product with a low-end price that provides some high-end features. In fact, it is perfectly suitable for use by professionals, but not strong enough to withstand heavy use.

Therefore, it could be said that it is recommended for people who require an auxiliary machine (for example for a second residence, since it can be easily stored after folding it) or for amateurs who want a machine with good performance to use regularly. Use of no more than 10 hours a week is recommended.

It supports up to 120 kg of weight, so it is suitable for most people who play sports regularly, but its running surface is 130 x 42, which makes it suitable for people of medium or short height but not for the most high, that they would be forced to reduce their stride too much. That is, along with the recommendation of limited use, its biggest against.

As for the console, very striking and full of little green lights, it has a screen from which you can select 4 levels of incline, 12 preset training programs and four standard combinations of incline and speed. In addition, it constantly monitors the following factors: distance, time, speed, heart rate (calculated using a heart rate monitor located on the gripper arms) and calories burned.

Finally, to keep it simple, it has a hydraulic folding mechanism that facilitates the task of picking it up and wheels to drag it. Once folded, it is very compact and fits in any corner.

Sporststech F10 – 2020 Model

The Sportstech F10 is similar to Sportstech F31. What does that mean? Well, unlike the Sportstech F31, the F10 is only for beginner runners or for people who alternate light jogs with brisk walks.

In addition, its surface is much smaller than desirable, since the band only measures 100 x 34 cm. It is not recommended for people under 1.60 in height and in no case for people who intend to maintain a constant rhythm of training.

With the same weight resistance (120 kg) and the same functions in terms of training and monitoring programs, as well as the same type of console with an app for connection to tablets and mobiles, the main difference is that its power is much lower.Its power is 1 hp, and that means that it can only reach speeds of up to 10 km per hour.

The only thing that this machine is superior to the others is that it allows an 18% incline and therefore can simulate large slopes. Given that the greater the incline, the less suffering of the motor, it is the ideal machine for practicing fast ascents in an indoor environment.

At least it is cheap considering its benefits, that price may not compensate for its shortcomings. It is only recommended for those who are starting and, given the weight configuration that it supports and the size of the surface it seems designed specifically for women with weight problems . 

Sporststech F31 Professional treadmill


The Sportstech F31 is a professional treadmill, perfect for advanced runners looking for a powerful and resistant machine that they can use on a daily basis. 

It has 2CV of continuous power (being able to reach 4CV at specific moments), and a rather small slider band (120 x 42 cm), which can be uncomfortable for tall people, and it is also a folding tape. It supports up to 120 kg of weight 16 km per hour.

So what justifies its high price? Well, the biggest pro of the Sportstech F31 are its monitoring functions and its connectivity. For this, it has some accessories for monitoring vital signs, such as a cardiac performance control belt, and its own app that can be used from the console of the belt or from a mobile or tablet.

From the console, you can also play audio or video (including various coaching programs), either on the 5.5-inch screen itself, or by streaming to another larger screen.

Other very positive characteristics of this machine, and that make it superior to the aforementioned Cecotec, are its damping system, much more advanced, with six levels of pressure absorption.

Likewise, it also has a very comfortable self-lubrication system, since it incorporates small deposits for the lubricant next to the axles and that avoids having to lift the band to apply it. In addition, this improves the dosage and in the long run represents a small saving.


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