Top 6 Tips for Managing a Sales Team

Rohan Mathew

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If you are in charge of sales reps, you know managing a sales team can be both challenging and rewarding.

Sales is a stressful job, one that requires a certain outcome you are not completely in control of. This means you, and your team may be constantly dealing with a roller coaster of emotions, happy when you reach your team goal and frustrated when you don’t. 

For this reason, being a sales team manager comes with a specific set of challenges you need to overcome to be successful. Fortunately, managing your team effectively is possible. By implementing a few best practices and following a few tips, you can lead your team to success. 

If you are a manager who wants to level up your skills, this short and simple guide is for you. 

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  1. Manage the Individual

One of the first rules of sales team management is to manage both the team and the individual. While you reach goals and find success as a team, each individual that makes up the team may require a different method of management. Get to know your team and avoid using a one-size-fits-all management style. 

  1. Set Challenging and Realistic Goals

A great tip for how to manage a sales team is to set challenging and realistic goals. You want to push your team towards success without making their goals feel impossible. By gently pushing them, you can help each member realize their potential. 

  1. Encourage Collaboration 

A common sales rep management strategy is to use competition to motivate the team. While some competition can be healthy, collaboration can provide the same results with better morale. Encourage collaboration and keep the competition to a minimum. 

  1. Use Incentives

Consider using a commissions management method to motivate your team. You can provide a variety of incentives to encourage them to reach challenging goals. Not only will your team work harder, but they will also feel valued by management. 

  1. Provide Tools and Resources 

Part of being an effective manager is making sure your team has the tools and resources to help them succeed. Make sure to provide your team with the best resources your company has to offer. You can visit to learn more about helpful resources. 

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  1. Provide Ongoing Training

Your team is only as effective as you allow them to be, which is why offering ongoing training and support is essential. Even your most productive member can improve their skills and you should encourage improvement as much as possible. Create a development program so your team members can thrive. 

Use These Tips for Managing a Sales Team Effectively 

By using these tips for managing a sales team, you can lead a happy and productive team.

Start by managing the team and the individual. You should also set challenging and realistic goals, encourage collaboration over competition, and use incentives. Make sure you are providing the tools, resources, and ongoing training your team needs to be successful.

Follow these tips and you’ll be a more effective manager in no time.

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