Top 10 Must Have Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

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In This Article, We Are Listing Top 10 Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020.

If you own an iPhone or an iPad then you’ve no doubt worked your way through the iOS app store, looking for the right app to download. There are more than 2 million apps in the app store, some free, some paid but the big issue is finding the one you want. Sometimes, the free apps are worth far more than some of the paid apps and some of the paid apps have too high a price tag for what you actually get with them. By the time you’ve paid out for them and discovered that it’s too late, you feel like you wasted your hard-earned cash.

Equally, some of the free apps have fantastic blurb with them but you find you wasted your time on an app that either doesn’t do what it promised or does, but only if you fork out for in-app purchases.

Top 10 Must Have Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

The iPhone’s capabilities increase, year on year, and with the right apps you can do just about anything on it – find your perfect partner, listen to some cool tunes, track your calories, even order your dinner to be delivered. So, given the number of apps in the app store, we thought we’d have a look through for you and find some of the best apps you can download. It wasn’t an easy job but, hopefully, we can save you some time and money in picking some of the apps we think you should have on your iPhone in 2020.

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Top 10 Apps for iPhone in 2020

Although this list does contain some well-known names, we’ve avoided adding the likes of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and so on, simply because most people already have these. Instead, we concentrated on a few that you might not have or might not even have known existed. So here they, are ten of the very best apps for the iPhone this year.

  • Google

There’s no point beating around the bush here, we all know Google and most of us use it daily. It’s not just one of the best search engines in the world, it offers much more. As well as searching the internet for whatever you want, the Google app tells you where the nearest attractions and restaurants are. You can use Google Assistant, Google’s answer to Siri, to have a conversation with your phone and you can connect all your Google accounts together in one place. That way, Google knows enough about you to personalize its responses, show you information it thinks you might find useful and it can show you the news and weather for your area.

  • YouTube

YouTube is another popular name and one of the top video-sharing platforms in the world. Now owned by Google, the YouTube app is a must-have for video-lovers the world over. Millions of people use YouTube every day, for uploading videos, watching others, sharing tips, and finding useful how-to videos.

There are millions of videos available, from mommy bloggers to those who love taking things apart and trying to put them together again, to gaming videos, and much more. While it is free, there is now a subscription option to YouTube Premium, offering the option to download your playlists and watch them offline, no ads, and the ability to play your videos on your locked iPhone screen. However, it does cost $12 a month and, for most people, the free version offers more than enough.

  • Instagram

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is one of the best visual social media sites in the world. It offers a great platform for sharing videos and photos, following other people, getting ideas for holidays, interior and garden projects, food, just about anything you can think of. If you don’t take many photos, it doesn’t matter; there is no pressure to share yours and you can use the platform purely for looking at other people’s videos and photos. There are lots of in-app options including the most popular one of adding filters to media. And, a relatively new feature, you can now purchase items advertised via Instagram.

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  • Zillow

Are you looking for a new place to live? A rental or purchase property? Then Zillow can help you find the perfect property for you. The real estate business is one of the most competitive in the world and you can trawl through hundreds of websites, looking for the best properties, only to find that some agents keep their best properties hidden – either because they have little information on it or because they have some pretty awful properties they need to offload.

Zillow will trawl virtually every property in your area, looking for those for rent and purchase and then gives you all the information you need – location, price, and the contact details for the leasing agent or the owner. A free app with a user-friendly interface, it makes finding somewhere to live a breeze. You can download this app from Panda Helper.

  • Fooducate

There are loads of foodie and health apps available in the iOS app store but this one is a little bit different. Many of us struggle to understand the food labels on products; let’s face it, most manufacturers want to hide just how much of their food is actually not food at all (think preservatives, chemicals, and so on). Plus the labels are designed to make it hard to work out if something is good for us or not.

With Fooducate, simply scan the item barcode and you get a grade for the product. The app database has a grade for every food item based on lots of things about the food – calories, sugar content, even some of those more controversial ingredients, and provides you with an easy-to-understand picture of what you are contemplating buying. It will even tell you why a specific grade has been given and educates you on the health values of what you are considering buying.

  • Dropbox

We couldn’t have a list of best apps without including Dropbox. There are hundreds of cloud services to choose from these days but one thing that many iOS users agree on is that Apple’s own iCloud isn’t that great. Dropbox works on all platforms, allowing you to save your files and look at them on whatever device you want to – your iPhone, desktop, even an Android device if you have one – so long as you a connection to the internet. And it’s free. You can download this app from vShare.

  • Vine

Another video sharing platform that is fast catching up is Vine. A free app, it offers instant entertainment with videos to suit all tastes. The layout is a little like a Twitter newsfeed and you can watch short, six-second videos on whatever you choose. You can even create your own and upload them. There are some very talented, creative, and hilarious users that are worth following and a re-vine feature lets you quickly find all the best videos.

  • Spotify

No list would be complete without a music app of some kind and Spotify is undoubtedly the best. You can listen for free and there are millions of tunes to choose from, one of the best friends networks of any music app, and seamless, professional experience. However, the free version is limited; if you want to build and access playlists offline, do away with the limits on track scrubbing and skipping and the ads, you’ll need to go premium at $10 per month.

  • Coffee Meets Bagel

A dating app with a difference, Coffee Meets Bagel takes things significantly slower than other dating apps. Every day, you get sent just one bagel – that’s a person who matches your dating preferences. Then you get 24 hours to think about it and decide whether to accept the bagel or pas on it.

If you like each other, you go to a private chat room, get to know each other a little better. However, you only get eight days in that room – if you don’t really get on very well, you can fade out of each other’s lives easier. It’s a cool way to meet new people with no obligations. You can download this app from the AppCake store.

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  • Spectre Camera

iPhone app of the year in 2019, Spectre Camera makes food use of machine learning in its app, giving you the ability to take a simulated long-exposure photo. Before, you would have needed a DSLR or a mirrorless camera; now you can do it with your iPhone. Also included in the app is support for the ultrawide camera on the iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro. It isn’t free but the $2.99 price tag is well worth it for what you are getting.

We’ve tried to choose a wide range of apps, from social media to health, photography to music. These ten apps represent a microscopic drop in the ocean compared to what’s on offer in the store but we think they do offer great value and great features.

Top 10 Best Apps For iPhone In This Video


What are the most useful Apps For iPhone?

Most useful Apps For iPhone Are

  • Google
  • Google Chrome
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • GroupMe
  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp


Try these apps and see what you think of them. If you come across any other must-have apps for iPhone this year then do tell us and share this to let everyone discover apps they may not otherwise have known about.

We Had Listed Top 10 Must-Have Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020