Top 7 Streaming Services of 2021: A Brief Comparison

Rohan Mathew

There are hundreds of streaming platforms online where users can stream not only movies and shows but also live TV. These streaming platforms have increased in popularity due to their affordability and flexible options for viewers. Owing to these features, video streaming services have served as cord-cutters as they are quickly replacing cable TVs all around the world. 

If you are a streaming enthusiast, you must know that there are plenty of options online for viewers ranging from Netflix to Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and more. Some of these platforms offer monthly subscriptions ranging from $5 per month to $150 per month, depending upon the features and functionality. 

Some streaming services, on the other hand, are free, like BBC iPlayer, but they are also geo-restricted and can be accessed within the UK. But, don’t worry, with the help of a reliable streaming VPN service, you can unblock geo-restricted sites from anywhere in the world and watch any content of your choice. 

7 Best Streaming Services Compared

Confused about which streaming services offer more value for the money? Well, look no further as we bring you the top 7 streaming services that you can get and enjoy all the latest movies and shows anywhere, anytime. 

  • YouTube TV ($64.99/mo.)

YouTube TV is one of the largest streaming platforms with a wide content library including different genres like entertainment, sports, Live TV, individual content, and more. YouTube TV has all the channels you can think of under one roof, including HBO, ESPN, Fox, CBS, NBC Sports, Big Ten Network, and more. 

The only downside is that YouTube TV only offers one subscription plan that costs around $64.99 per month. In 2020, it increased its price from $49.99 to $64.99. However, it does update its channel list and adds more content as compared to other platforms. Last but not least, YouTube TV also offers unlimited cloud DVP storage, so you can download as many seasons as you want and save it for up to nine months to access offline. 

  • Hulu ($5.99–$70.99/mo.)

Hulu is a popular streaming platform with top-rated originals, including The Handmaid’s Tale and the Palm Springs. But there is more to Hulu than movies and TV shows. Hulu also offers a Live TV option which makes it a great alternative to cable. You can choose the Hulu+Live TV plan for $64.99 per month. You can also opt for just Hulu which is the most affordable one costing around $5.99 per month. 

Hulu also offers a bundle subscription in which you get Hulu, ESPN, and Disney+ all at one platform, which makes it a great option for the entire family. You can also download your favorite movies and shows to watch them offline. 

  • Netflix ($8.99–$17.99/mo)

Netflix needs no fancy introductions as it is the king of streaming services with a variety of regional and international content. If you know the proper streaming secrets, you can unblock and watch pretty much any blocked content that you can imagine. 

Netflix offers three subscription plans for users, i.e., basic, standard, and premium. It is also quite affordable and compatible with almost all major devices. Another best thing about Netflix is that it offers a 30-day free trial, so you can use it free of cost for 30 days. 

The only downside of Netflix is that it doesn’t offer live TV, which might be an issue for live sports and news viewers.

  • Amazon Prime Video ($12.99/mo.)

Amazon Prime Video is another great alternative to Netflix with a wide content library, including Original titles. It is also quite affordable, considering the fact that you get access to 18,000+ movies and shows from all around the world at a low cost. However, it does not offer a live TV option like Hulu, which is a bummer. It does live stream selected NBA and NFL games like Thursday Night Football. But other than that, all the content is video-on-demand. 

  • Disney+ ($6.99/mo.)

Disney+ is also a great streaming service compared to Netflix. It offers a variety of content, including popular shows like Star Wars and The Mandalorian. It also includes a lot of Marvel movies and TV shows like WandaVision, The Runaways, and more. Despite a large content library, Disney+ is cheaper as compared to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It is also compatible with a variety of devices including Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and Amazon Fire devices. 

  • HBO Max ($14.99/mo.)

Next up, we have HBO Max, a streaming platform with a big channel lineup and content. HBO MAX has all the Warner Bros content, including popular shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, South Park, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. You get all these shows and a lot more for only $14.99 per month. What’s best is that with HBO MAX, you don’t have to wait days or months to watch the latest movies and shows as you get access to movies on the same day when they are released in the theatres. 

  • Sling TV ($30.00–$45.00/mo.)

Sling TV is another affordable and great streaming service with plenty of add-on channels and content. Just like Hulu, Sling TV also offers a basic plan and a Live TV plan for its viewers. 

  • Sling Orange has around 30 channels for $30 per month. 
  • Sling Blue has over 40 channels for $30 per month. 
  • Sling Orange + Blue has 50 channels for $45 per month. 

The Sling Orange + Blue plan has a variety of content, including kids’ channels like Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nick Jr., and more. It also includes a solid line of entertainment and sports channels, making it a great option for the entire family. 

Enjoy Streaming

These are some of the best streaming services of 2021. As you can see, most of these services are perfect alternatives to cable TV, offering more international and regional content at a lower price tag. 

If you are still confused about which streaming platform you should get, you don’t have to worry as most of these services offer a 7-30 day trial period during which you can test the service free of cost. These are the best services on the market, no matter what choice you make, you will not be disappointed. 

Happy streaming.