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Sapo: To help the national team go to the championship, in addition to goals scored in the match. The goal from the free-kick always brings explosive emotions for both the fans and the player who successfully takes the shot. World football history has produced many free kick specialists with free kicks going into the heart. Today, together with us, let’s review the best free kicks in world football history through the Worldcup periods! Below is the list in cull, courtesy of Fun88.


Zico is considered as one of the players with very good dribbling and finishing techniques, not only that, he also owns the yellow leaf-style free kick that has become a trademark. Nicknamed “White Pele”, he is considered one of the best dribblers and goalscorers in football and one of the best players of the 1980s. In 2004, Pelé was elected. He is one of the 125 living legends of world football.

Zico attended three World Cups in 1978, 1982 and 1986. He scored 66 goals in 88 matches for the national team, although not once won the World Cup. He is considered one of the best players in the history of football that has never touched the world gold cup. In 1983, he was voted Player of the Year by the English Football Journal. Despite turning 60, Brazilian football legend Zico still scored a stunning goal from a free kick in a friendly match.

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Zico is one of those players with very good dribbling and finishing techniques


He is mentioned as an almighty player with superb technique. But also don’t forget his classy free-kicks. This guy, nicknamed “Rough”, has a total of 54 free kicks. With what has been done, the Brazilian star has created a certain influence on world football. Currently Messi is Barcelona’s brightest star but the fact that Ronaldinho was voted the best player of Barcelona in the early 21st century.

Ronaldinho has a place in the history of world football and the stories, anecdotes and football journey of “Ro head” will be difficult to fade in the minds of many generations of spectators, about a pitch artist bohemian grass and plays the ball right “for the art” style.

Ronaldinho has a place in world football history with his free kicks

David Beckham

In 21 years of working with digital shorts, David Beckham has countless classy free kicks. The former handsome English player’s free-kicks have become a trademark. Nice look from the shot to the curve of the ball. Becks has conquered millions of football fans around the world with his superb passing ability and “deadly” penalty kicks. Former Man Utd player has crossed “live ball” from the right wing accurately and “magic” that the goalkeeper and the opponent can only watch.

In terms of play, David Beckham has two of the strongest points, also the two most feared weapons: passing the ball and the free kick. Becks’ ability to pass long and cross from the wings is doubtful, and very few people object to him being one of the best free-kick players of all time.

During his career, Becks played for many of the world’s great football teams. At MU, LA Galaxy or England, Becks is the top free kicker.

Diego Maradona

When he was in the digital shorts industry, Maradona was known as a player with the technique to the top class. In addition to high-speed solo dribbling, he also performed beautiful Rabona (kick the ball by crossing the kicker behind the leg). Besides, “golden boy” is also a famous free kicker. During his debut for Napoli (1984-1991, winning 2 Scudetto), the Argentinian genius scored 81 goals in 188 games, including many goals from penalties.

At a training session for Argentina to prepare for the World Cup, Maradona once again showed his free kick. Although he did not stumble from the barrier, the fact that Maradona sent the ball into the corner showed that he was still very sensitive to his ability to score.

Although at the age of 60 he is still very sensitive to scoring abilities

Cristiano Ronaldo

From the 2007/2008 season up to now, Ronaldo has pocketed 40 goals from the free kick in Europe’s top 5 leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1) and Champions League, outperforming people. 2nd is Lionel Messi (28 goals). Watching Cristiano Ronaldo take a free kick, we will see that he usually takes 4 steps after the ball, one step to the left. Before kicking, the Portuguese midfielder took a deep breath. Then, Ronaldo kept his body perpendicular to the ground, and watched the ball until he exerted a force like a hammer. When he shot, Ronaldo almost dragged both legs. In which, the pivot leg creates a 35 degree angle with the pitch, while the kicker creates an almost perfect angle with the body to send the ball away with the strongest force.

Lionel Messi

Messi is now in the ranks of the free kick masters, with Roberto Carlos, Andrea Pirlo, Cristiano Ronaldo or David Beckham. At the age of 31, Leo has scored 42 goals from free kick situations, of which 36 have been made with Barcelona, ​​and the other 6 in Argentina. Saying Messi is the master of the free-kick is nothing too much. Tall, short, thick or at the front of the goal, Leo at any angle can command the ball to go his way. No matter where the ball is placed, when the number 10 is in front of the ball, the opposing goalkeeper begins to worry.

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CR7’s secret lies in that, when he is about to aim at the goal, all the muscles of the body: abdominal muscles, shoulder muscles, legs, knees, ankles, steps, even toes will play full power. In addition, when kicking, CR7 can also increase the strength from shoulder shakes, similar to the kicks of a volleyball player.

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