Top Time-Wasting Games for Long Journeys 

Rohan Mathew

Boredom sucks most of the time, however, it seems to take on a whole new level when embarking on long journeys. Waiting for your flight or sitting in the back of a car for hours can feel like an eternity because of boredom, making it super annoying and almost agonizing to get through.

To combat boredom while traveling, many people turn to their phones to provide entertainment and escapism. Some read online articles and news, others go through social media, but what about when you are caught short and don’t have a stable Internet connection to access these time wasters? When this happens, you need to turn to games. Here are some of the best time-wasting games that’ll make you wish you never arrive because of how good they are. 

Plague Inc. 

Plague Inc. has been a classic mobile game for a long time now and seems to keep getting better and better over each iteration. The concept of the game is pretty dark as you take on the role as a new virus and attempt to infect as many people as you can and eventually wipe out humanity. 

Despite its sinister goal, the gameplay is very strategic and requires a lot of critical thinking as you have to combat situations and challenges to spread your virus far and wide. This is game that you can easily spend hours on and therefore is great for long journeys, providing you can stomach the source material. 

Oh h1

This is a more relaxed and zen-like game that allows you to challenge your critical thinking and patience as you try to fill in a grid correctly with red and blue tiles. It’s similar in style to Sudoku, however the grids can alternate in size, with 4×4 grids being the easiest and 12×12 ones being the more advanced. There’s no time pressure or anything like that to compete a level, making it very relaxing and chilled, however, it can get frustrating when you struggle to find a solution. Due to this, it’s always a good idea to have another game downloaded in reserve when you get stuck, or you could always play Unibet bingo to avoid torturing yourself. With an easy learning curve, it’s a brilliant no-thrills pick up and play game. 

Mini Metro 

This is a game that allows users to test their logic and construction skills as they try to create the most effective metro system for their city. It’s a great game for those who may be frustrated with public transport and want to show how it can be done better. 

The game has various different maps and challenges, creating awesome replay value to keep you engaged, and ends when your stations get overcrowded. The game is so good and critically acclaimed that it was nominated for a BAFTA and allows you to build your metro for various real cities such as Cairo or Osaka, as well as the challenges of connecting islands and rivers. There’s also an endless mode which allows players to build their metro infinitely without interruptions, which can be great for getting through those grueling trips on the train.