Top Tips To Keep You Warm (And Keep The Bills Down During Winter)

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

In a world that becomes more unpredictable on an almost daily basis, it pays to be prepared. Whether it is dealing with the current crisis or the problem of extreme and variable weather, some steps can be taken to minimize the risks and also the costs involved.

Keeping your home warm in what are becoming more extreme winter conditions is becoming more expensive each year, and with the financial concerns raised by the rise in unemployment, there is a limit to what the average householder can achieve.

However, with keeping your home warm (as with so many other things around the house), just the smallest of changes, repeated every day, can make a huge difference to the numbers on the bottom of your next heating bill.

These three quick fixes are low-cost answers to your heating problems and should only involve the minimum of effort or a quick trip to the store.

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Learn to use your programmable thermostat 

The first of these low-cost solutions, for most of us, will only cost us a little bit of patience. Many thermostats for heating systems will be programmable, but it will come as no surprise that very few are used to their full potential. 

Spending a little time reading the manual (along with a bit of trial and error) will probably highlight the areas where you are going wrong, like heating an empty home during the week or heating water long after everybody has gone off to work or school.

Double up the heating in your home’s cold spots

Whilst your main HVAC does the job for most of the year, a very cold winter can show where it’s just not up to the job. For instance, when a unit is not the right size for the room or when an item needs to be placed right in front of the unit, blocking the heat from reaching the rest of the room.

Whilst moving or upgrading your HVAC is beyond the budget, adding an additional stand-alone PTAC to boost the heating in your homes’ cold spots is an economical solution. Sourcing a refurbished unit from a supplier like PTAC4Less can cut those costs down even further.

Go for some heavy drapes. 

The natural heat of the sun is the cheapest heating available, which means in spring and autumn, you can pull the drapes back and let it flood in. In the winter, however, when there is less daylight, and the sun spends most of its time behind the clouds, you need to keep all your heat in and the curtains closed.

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Get yourself some heavy drapes for winter (you can always change them up for the rest of the year), and keep them closed to keep the warmth in and your bills down.

As you can see from these three solutions, big differences can be made without resorting to drastic measures and should give you a warmer home (and result in smaller bills).