Top Trusted Home Warranty Companies

Rohan Mathew

Top Trusted Home Warranty Companies

It can be challenging to pay for repair and maintenance costs when paying for a home mortgage. However, you can get a home warranty plan to cater to systems and appliances whenever they fail. Most companies offer monthly plans and will have a 30-day waiting period before you can use the coverage. 

On the other hand, finding the right service provider for your needs is not straightforward. The internet will help you locatepotential companiesto provide coverage foryoursystems and appliances. Each entity will have a different approach to its service. We will help you find a suitable home warranty company. 

Top Trusted Home Warranty Companies

Whenever systems or appliances fail, you will need professional and affordable help to solve the problem. Technicians with the qualifications and experience will ensure safety and quality jobs. Since you will find many entities offering the service, selecting a suitable service provider can be challenging. Do not worry, as we will help you make the best choice. Below are some options you can trust and choose from;

First American Home Warranty

The company has been in existence for close to 40 years, and you can bet that they have the experience you need. Still, the First American Home Warranty Company offers one of the most affordable plans in the industry. You can find the company in 36 states and access the service anytime you need. However, you will have a waiting period after subscribing to use the service.

Compared to other players in the sector, the premiums are low. The response time is fast, and you can get the service all year round, including the holidays. However, the First American Home WarrantyCompany has two plans for their clients: systems and appliance coverage. 

Choice Home warranty

The company will cover the basic systems and appliances at your home. In addition, you can customize the plan to suit your needs. Choice Home warranty is available in all states except Washington DC. They have paid over a million claims annually in recent years. The company representativesdedicate themselves to offering the best service to customers, as per the company guidelines. 

You can select a plan to cover a range of home items or identify what you want to protect. A basic plan will exclude HVAC, refrigerator, washers, and dryers. Nevertheless, the complete package will include the items and other essential things at home like;plumbing, electrical, and water heating system.Still, it covers the bathtub, ductwork, ceiling, garbage disposal, stove, oven, and others. You can get a quotation quickly by enquiring from their customer service on their website.

Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty

The price of home warranties is transparent, and you will find their website user-friendly. You can engage in live chats with the company representatives to ensure you get the best coverage for your property. Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty has accreditations with Better Business Bureau. It covers homeowners in all states except 3: Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Washington. Apart from the discounts ona home warranty, you can choose add-ons to ensure your plan fits your needs. In addition, the company response is swift and will have technicians handle your needs promptly.

Liberty Home Guard offers all three plans for home coverage. You can choose to protect your systems ( water heating, plumbing, electrical, ductwork, and HVAC system). Or home appliances like garage door opener, cooking appliance, garbage disposal, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and washer. Still, you can get a complete package that covers all the items. On the other hand, you can choose the additional coverage you would need, and there is a range of options to select from.

Select Home Warranty

Since its formation in 2012, Select Home Warranty hashad affordable coverage for systems and appliances forits customers. Unlike other service providers, the company can cover roof leakage,a common problem for homeowners. If you select the option, you will get two free months of coverage after enrolling in the plan. Also, you get a discounted price by choosing an annual plan.

The response time is faster than other companies as you will get the home warranty service within 12 hours of your claims. However, the basic plan will exclude particular fixtures. Also, Select home Warranty will charge service fees separately for each task the technicians will accomplish.

Complete Care Home Warranty

The company offers three options for a home warranty service. You can opt for a comprehensive cover for your home systems and appliances or a different plan. Still, the plans are customizable to fit your needs. Therefore, it is best to discuss with the company representatives to get the best deal. Complete Care Home Warranty offers the lowest service fee charges. You can get the service in all states except Washington, California, and Alaska.


Most of the plans are similar between companies, but the experience differs. Consider the options in this read to get a trusted home warranty service provider.