Why Spartan Warriors Were So Feared

Rohan Mathew

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There is a lot of mystique surrounding the infamous Spartan arm and the warriors that operated within it. There has never been and there may never be any fighters quite like them again in history. In order to truly understand why these warriors were so effective at what they did, they need to be looked at from a variety of different perspectives.

They were trained from a young age 

Spartan warriors were trained from such a young age that when they did come to having a battle, they had lots of experience behind them. In some instances their training regimen started at as young as 7 years old. However, it was only males that were subject to this training and not females. These boys would be taken away from their families and put into various different groups that were known as ‘agelai’. They would partake in military training sessions that were similar to what are experienced in modern day bootcamps. Once these boys reached the age of 12 years old they already had five years of training under their belt, so when it came to actual war, they were well experienced.

They could outfight bigger armies

Because of how good at fighting and warfare the Spartans were, they were able to defeat much bigger armies than their own. A very famous instance saw just three hundred Spartan warriors fighting in the battle of Thermopylae. Even though they did eventually lose the battle, in the process they did manage to kill a considerable number of enemy fighters. This is something that the Spartan army was good at doing.

Their society was a warrior one

Everything in the nation of Sparta was centered and focused around fighting and the act of warfare. This was different to other cities and civilizations of the time that focused more on things like education, professions, and engineering. It was because of their comprehensive focus on nothing other than war that the Spartan warriors were so effective and fearsome.

They could become soldiers at 20 years old

Spartan males could become fully fledged soldiers at just twenty years of age. Additionally, they could continue serving in the Spartan army up until the age of sixty. Once in the army, the warriors spent all of their time together where they would build strong bonds and brotherhoods with one another. In addition to developing their social skills, they also continued to develop their fighting skills by learning new disciplines. This not only made them better equipped fighters but even stronger men. This type of training never stopped throughout their career in the Spartan army.

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