Transfer And Sync Data Between Dropbox And Google Drive

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Transfer And Sync Data Between Dropbox And Google Drive

No matter how expensive a computer or a cell phone is, a time will come when there will not be enough space for any more data in it. Apart from that, keeping personal material in hard devices is risky because of the active hacking. To cater to that issue, there are a number of storage platforms available in the market. The concept of keeping all the data in personal devices is quite old now, people prefer keeping it in external storage space and forget about it. However, having it all at instant access is very important. 

Dropbox and google drive being the most popular storage cloud devices offer multiple features depending on the needs of the users. Data saved in the cloud storage can be accessed online at anytime, anywhere in the world. People often find one service better than the other and transfer dropbox data to google drive, sync dropbox to google drive, or transfer google drive to dropbox which can be critical because there is always a risk of losing data in the process. For that, there are a number of ways to transfer and sync data while making sure that it is safe.

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Wondershare InClowdz, the perfect solution 

Cloud storage services we use to keep our data safe only offer a certain amount of space at a high cost. Therefore, people might find another service better than their current one and like to switch to that. To make that process smooth and seamless, the Wondershare InClowdz app steps in. It is a third-party app that helps migrate data from one cloud drive to another in the simplest way possible. Not only does this app let the user transfer and manage the files but to sync the two cloud drives is also possible. 

Transfer dropbox data to google drive

Dropbox without any doubt offers a bunch of useful features and is easy to use however, with google drive a lot more is possible such as file sharing, creating and sharing spreadsheets, and the fact that all of the work could be moved to google drive and be done there. But if one likes to migrate dropbox to google drive or migrate google drive to one drive the process can be a bit frustrating and exhausting. 

Wondershare Inclowdz offers one single platform as a hub to manage all your storage tools. Clicking on the migrate button starts the process of moving files from one platform to another starts. Users can move dropbox to google drive and migrate dropbox to one drive

using the good old ‘drag and drop’ method or even the ‘downloading and uploading’ process.

Sync dropbox to google drive

Having your data saved in more than one storage space is a great way of making sure that you never lose any important document or a photo. Wondershare Inclowdz provides a user interface where you can sync and manage all your storage accounts. The thing about syncing data using Wondershare InClowdz is that you no longer need to go through the lengthy process of downloading and uploading. The data just backs up to not one but two locations. 

Just by signing in, adding the storage accounts, and picking source & target accounts the Sync begins. Adding, removing, copying, moving, and renaming files and folders from within Wondershare InClowdz is possible once the data is synced. 

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Transfer google drive to dropbox

Both google drive and dropbox have their pros and cons and the user may like to switch between these two based on their specific needs and preferences. All Wondershare InClowdz does is to make this transition seamlessly convenient and efficient. Following are some of the methods one can opt to carry forwards with the process. 

Downloading and uploading files

When it comes to sending data from one cloud to another, things can become complicated and for that, one must know exactly what they’re doing. One of the most common and convenient ways of doing this is by downloading data from google drive and uploading it on dropbox. 

Migrate Google Drive to dropbox

Migrating data from google drive to dropbox is your one-click solution and probably the most effective. Logging into the InClowdz account and setting google drive as the ‘Source Cloud Drive’ and Dropbox as the ‘Target Cloud drive’ is needed to begin the Migration process. This way, there is no risk of losing any crucial data in the process and one can pick all the files or choose individual ones to migrate. 


In today’s fast-moving world, keeping all your data together at one quick access is crucial. In search of an efficient platform, people like to keep switching from one cloud to another based on their needs and preferences at that particular time. To make this switching process much more convenient and hassle-free, apps like Wondershare Inclowdz step in. With the help of which, one can transfer dropbox to google drive, sync dropbox to google drive or even transfer google drive to dropbox with much more ease, eliminating the risk of losing any data in the process. Operating multiple clouds at a single platform not only automates things but also helps save a lot of time and effort. 

No matter how much data a person or a business is looking to move from one cloud to another, there is no need to go through the lengthy and complicated process of downloading and uploading files. Wondershare Inclowdz is a hassle-free third-party app that manages all the files effectively.