Travel Throughout London In Style With These Tips

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

If you are planning a trip to London, let us start off by saying how jealous we are! London is by far one of the coolest cities on the planet.

From the old-world history of medieval pubs and taverns to the elegance of Westminster, there are so many different parts of London to experience. It is no surprise that London is one of the most popular places to visit in the world—especially now that travel restrictions easing is making it simpler than ever to return!

Because this city is so renowned, you simply can’t show up with your Lululemons and carry-on bag and expect to fit in. London is full of style and home to plenty of forward-thinking fashion designers. Those that live in the city put effort into their public appearance, meaning you should too.

But how can you show up in London ready to travel the city in style? Not to worry, as we are going to share all the secrets you need to know about mastering London style with ease.

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  1. Ditch the suitcase for a handbag

What to do if you have just landed in London after a red-eye flight and still have at least eight hours to kill before you can check into your London hotel? Or if your departing flight is not until after diner time, but your check out is not until after breakfast? One may be tempted to simply travel through London with your luggage. But not only is that not a trendy thing to do, it is also impractical and can prevent you from doing the experiences you are most keen on. One of our top tips for traveling through London ins tyle is to pre-book your luggage storage in London and ditch your suitcase in a secure location. That way you only need to travel the city with a handbag—and you won’t break a sweat doing so. 

  1. Get a classic trenchcoat

London weather is anything but sunny and warm. So one of the staple pieces to travel through London with is a traditional trenchcoat. Whether it is beige, black or even patterned, this coat will make you feel like a true Londoner. But a little pro tip, if you truly want to travel through the city in a style that is highly regarded amongst the locals, go for black. Those in London love wearing black. 

  1. Always bring an umbrella

Okay, we’re back on the weather again. As we just discussed, London’s weather is not ideal. But you don’t come to this city for the sunshine. You come for the vibrancy, history and culture. Chances are, it is going to rain when you are in London. So you will want to always travel throughout the city with an umbrella. It is another trendy accessory that is not only stylish, but also extremely practical. You’ll thank us when you are able to go dine out without being completely sopping wet. 

  1. Wear a plaid scarf

Plaid patterns are always in style when it comes to London. And if it is particularly cold in London, you will want to wear a scarf to provide you with that extra layer of warmth as you transition from the Tube to the local tavern. While any scarf will provide you with warmth, the plaid scarf is quintessentially London and will help you exude style no matter how cold you are.

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  1. Carry black leather gloves

Another way to travel through London in style is to carry a pair of black leather gloves with you. They not only polish off any of your outfits, but they also will also help your hands from becoming frozen when the weather is not cooperating. This type of material is not only practical but helps ensure that the rest of your ensemble remains trendy too. 

  1. Take a black taxi cab

While the Tube is the most practical way to travel, one of the most stylish ways is with one of London’s traditional black taxi cabs. They are just as iconic as the yellow taxis in New York City, but we think way more elegant. While it won’t be the cheapest way to travel through the city, it is an experience to remember and worth paying for at least once.

London is a city that you can easily travel through in style. Just remember these simple tips—ditch the suitcase at a luggage storage facility, always go outside with a trench coat, don’t forget your umbrella, gloves and scarf and take a trip through the streets of London in an iconic black taxi cab at least once.